Plastic Bags Pollution – Effects and Solutions

Plastic bags are among the items that are non-biodegradable. This means that they are not biodegraded or, in simpler terms, do not decay. Do you know that it takes thousands of years before one plastic bag can turn into small particles? Yes, that’s how long for plastic bags to vanish from our planet, Earth.

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When they are thrown to garbage cans, plastic bags do not simply decay unlike biodegradable ones like paper and leftovers. Try doing that and observe for many days to see what the plastic becomes afterwards. If they are scattered anywhere on the ground, they become the sources of water pollution. It is possible that they will eventually end up in waterways. If that happens, it can cause blockage to holes and give a much inconvenient situation to the society. Have you seen some water with plastics floating on it? That’s because of the wrong doings of people when they do not properly throw plastic bags. Well, there are many negative impacts that can cause by plastic bags. That’s what you are going to learn as you continue to read.

What should people like you need to do in order to avoid having plastic bags pollution? This is an important question when you read something about plastic bags pollution. You must not only get information to be aware of the effects of plastic bags. It is also very vital to know and apply solutions to limit the rapid growth of plastic bags pollution. Plus, the way to solve this kind of problem always begins with you. Do not expect the government, environment organization or charities to do that. It has to start with you, in your family, at home and everywhere you go. That is one small way you can make which can turn into a big difference.

What Makes Plastic Bags Harmful to the Environment?

Plastic bags are made of various chemicals which are mainly toxic. That is certainly very harmful to the health and the environment. The chemicals used to make plastic bags are xylene, ethylene oxide and benzene. These are toxic chemicals that are sources of various diseases as well as disorders in humans. They do not only provide negative effects on the health of people and animals but also to the air. These chemicals can pollute the air too which again harm the living organisms. They will not only affect humans and animals but also plants, water and air.

How Plastic Bags Cause Danger to the Health and Environment?

There are various ways on how plastic bags can harm the health of humans and the entire environment. Two major methods that release toxic chemicals of plastic bags are by burning and throwing. Whether you burn or throw plastic bags, all the chemicals are released which can cause harm to the society.

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Some countries in the world do not throw plastic bags the right way. Instead of putting in the non-biodegradable can, people tend to throw them in the biodegradable or anywhere on the ground. This is one mistake most people do these days. Even the smallest plastic bag like the cover of candy has to be thrown properly. Others also try to burn them and this is not also helpful as it poses a great threat in the air and soil. . I did some of these mistakes before but I have opened my eyes and see the effects of it. Now, I do not want that to happen that’s why I’m sharing this.

When the chemicals are exposed, humans can inhale them which cause problems in the respiratory. If they are thrown on grounds, animals and birds may mistakenly think they’re foods causing poison after consumption. When plastic bags are dumped in water, sea creatures and fish won’t live longer. The entire marine life is also harmed.

Which Ways Help Resolve Plastic Bags Pollution?

It takes self-discipline to solve water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution caused by plastic bags. The answer is not solely about government campaigns or organizations. It starts within yourself aright at your own backyard and inside house. Here are very simple and effortless things you can do to help resolve plastic bags pollution.

1. Ban the Use of Plastic Bags

If possible, do not use any plastic bags anymore. It may be difficult to do that because plastic bags are normally easy and light to carry. If only you can limit your use until you are able to 100% stay away from it, then you are helping the advocacy against plastic bags pollution.

2. Use Eco-Friendly or Biodegradable Bags

You do not have to worry about banning plastic bags. There are environmentally friendly bags that you can use as an alternative. When you go out to the grocery store or super market to buy things, have eco friendly bags with you. That way you can say no to the use of plastic bags even if the stores offer plastic bags. In fact, there are now new plastic bags that are biodegradable. They can also be good options to use without having to worry about pollution.

3. Reuse Plastic Bags

It is also possible to recycle the use of plastic bags. Instead of throwing them, have them usable for your next usage. It helps you to reduce getting more plastic bags in this case too. This is actually the first start on how you can totally ban the use of plastic bags. If you think your plastic bags have been reused for many times, then that’s the time you can throw in the non-biodegradable can.

4. Donate Plastic Bags to Recycling Centers

From stores to industrial companies, there are places where you can give your plastic bags for recycling. You can even find in your place some recycling centers where you can donate the plastic bags you have. Instead of throwing them away, just give them to these places to help prevent pollution.

5. Do Not Throw Plastic Bags

Another easy way to avoid water and air pollutions is to avoid throwing plastic bags. You can just reuse or donate them to recycling centers. It is also a good approach to throw them at the right garbage can, which must be in a non-biodegradable can.

As plastic bags won’t be easy to stop in giving threats to humans and pollutions in the environment, doing your own way to help prevent it from being worse is not difficult either. Just do the right things that you think can contribute in the reduction of air, water and soil pollution caused by plastic bags. Remember that changes in the environment have to start within and from you before you expect others to do the same.



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