6 Natural Home Cleaning Products

A lot of my friends have asked me if they can use some of the home products as alternative in cleaning. They tend to complain about the pricey cost of some commercial cleaning products. Some emphasize the effects of cleaning products because they are mostly mixed with different chemicals.

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A few of them usually get rashes on their skin too. One of my closest friends even told me how harmful some commercial cleaning products are to her kids and pets. It is true that the cleaning products you buy at any grocery store are chemically based. Sometimes, the chemical ingredients are not really safe at all. They can cause skin irritation and rashes, or in other cases, foul and polluting smell.

There are plenty of benefits of using these alternative solutions. First, they are not expensive at all. The next advantage is that you won’t have to worry about having skin rashes or irritation. You do not also need to be scared of the possible danger they poses as they are chemical and toxic free. When you use them, you do not inhale any substances that can provide pollution or harm to your health.

Now, I want to share the same thing I’ve shared to my friends. If you are thinking of a safe way to use cleaning products, there are natural ingredients and home products that you can use. They promise you a safe way of cleaning your home, household items and other personal belongings. Here are six natural ingredients and home products that are effective to use for cleaning.

1. Vinegar

Many homes have vinegar in their kitchen. You probably have some bottles of sugar cane vinegar or packs of apple cider vinegar. Whatever kind of vinegar you have, this is a natural, home ingredient product that you an absolutely use for cleaning. Just mix a few amount of vinegar to water and voila! It is very useful to remove stains from windows to floors. It gets rid of dirt and germs too that’s why it is regarded as a natural disinfectant. Try it and see the effects! Let’s see if you won’t be impressed because I was amazed how easy to remove stains. Don’t tell me I did not warn you at all.

2. Lemon Juice

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Lemon has properties that are beneficial in removing germs and bacterial. This natural disinfectant can be definitely useful in cleaning your countertops, tables, windows and even flooring. You simply combine the natural juice of lemon and water. It works better if you can add some salt in the mixture.

3. Baking Soda

Another common home product found in most kitchens is baking soda. This is a nice ingredient to use in cleaning, primarily floor tiles and bathroom tiles. To be honest, this is the first home cleaning product that I’ve discovered. It works well in removing dirt, dust and stain on tiles. There is also property that makes this product a good deodorizer.

4. Essential Oils

Carrot seed oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, cedarwood oil, rosehip oil, chamomile oil, spikenard, basil oil, tea tree oil and citronella oil are common essential oils. They are also good home products for cleaning. Most of the essential oils have properties that make them good alternatives of commercial disinfectants. What I do to make sure I don’t overuse oils too much because it can be costly is to use a teaspoon of oil and mix it with a large amount of water. The greasiness of any essential oil is enough to be added on a bucket of water. That makes it still a cheap, effective product for home cleaning.

5. Cornstarch

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Aside from baking soda, cornstarch is also a useful alternative cleaning product. You can mix it with water to clean your windows, flooring, carpets or rugs, and even furniture. This is another cheap way to remove stains and get rid of dirt from your personal things or household items. I’m certain you have them in your kitchen cabinet. You probably do not run out of this product too because in cooking and serving foods, cornstarch can be a great mixture.

6. Toothpaste

Do you believe that toothpaste can clean teeth, right? Well, believe it too that it works in scrubbing stains! Yes, toothpaste, whatever brand you’re using is, is a good scrubbing solution. It cleans silver plates, glasses, white clothes and also rubber shoes. Just ensure to have a scrub or sponge with you and rub the stain away with some toothpaste.

These six home products and natural ingredients are certainly safe, friendly and inexpensive to use. Once I learned all about these, I was not hesitant or skeptical of how effective they are in cleaning and in providing health protection. You do not have to stuff your storing room or garage with different commercial cleaning products. Just use some of the home ingredients and items that you have in your kitchen.



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