Water Conservation – What is It and How to Save Energy

Water is evidently needed in our daily life wherever you are. I cannot brush my teeth without water. I cannot remove my makeup without the use of some water. It is not also easy to eat and finish meal without having a glass of water on the side. I’m pretty sure you have the same idea when it comes to water. It is used to bathe and rinse the body. It is useful to clean the dishes and laundry. It is vital for drinking during meal and after an exhausting exercise. There are many uses of water which are all important. Nobody can be comfortable without water.

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The deal here is that, the consumption of water can add up to your monthly utility bills. If there are more than five members in the family or in the home, the use of water can increased more than the regular amount needed. Even if there are only a few individuals living under the same roof, there is a possibility to consume more water. That would require water conservation.

What you need to conserve water? How can you save energy from using less water? Are there alternatives that can help consume less water and save money for your future?

Benefits of Conserving Water

Conserving water is basically the idea of using less water as much as possible. It may refer to a minimal use of water or reuse of water depending on some situations. For example, you can reuse the water you have used from washing your clothes to the water for flushing your toilet bowl. But definitely do not recycle water for cleaning as that would just add germs and bacteria. Well, you will learn other practical ways on how to conserve water in just a moment. This time, let’s shortly discuss some of the advantages of water conservation.

1. Saves Energy

You may not be aware that water is a form of energy. When you use less water, you are actually saving energy. This does not benefit you alone but the rest of the community because you try to be satisfied with a few amount of water. This is important in our societies these days. To be able to save energy, you can start with a minimal use of water right at your own home. If you have the advocacy toward a healthy environment, consuming less water is one way to do that. If you like your place to have a cleaner environment (no air or water pollution), start with water saving. Water conservation can contribute in saving energy in the long run.

2. Cuts Monthly Budget

The best advantage that you can enjoy from conserving water is the fact that your monthly utility bills are reduced. Yes, the regular amount of utility bills, electricity and water, is cut short. This is one way to save money and use the extra bucks for other essential things. You are able to use the reduced amount of money for your savings, loan payment or additional grocery items.

Saving water or using water at a minimal is not difficult to make. As long as you have the consistency and determination, it won’t take long before you can really consume less water. Here are some easy, simple and practical ways on how you can save water and energy at the same time. Trust me – these things are not difficult to do at all. Even your kids can do it on their own, so make sure you also share and instruct them to do the same.

1. Pour Water in a Basin for Dish Washing or Have a Dishwasher

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Instead of letting the faucet run during dishwashing, collect water in a basin and that’s where you can rinse your plates, glasses, spoons and other kitchen ware. You can have two basins or buckets so each dish is thoroughly cleaned. I usually do this because it’s convenient as well.

Another option to use less water when cleaning dishes is to use a dishwasher. This is very common nowadays but not all homes have it. You may need to have one in your kitchen so you can start using less water whenever you need to wash dishes.

2. Install a Dual Flush Toilet

In the bathroom, you can still have a way to use less water. Everytime you use the toilet, flushing is always needed. The water used to flush the toilet consumes a large amount of water than what it is normally needed. Since you cannot avoid this, just have a dual flush toilet. This can help use limited water which eventually save energy.

3. Have a Water Saver Shower Head

Another unit that provides water in the bathroom is the shower. There is a water saver shower head that you can use to minimize the use of water. This is another practical option to conserve water and energy.

4. Do the Laundry with High Efficiency Washer

A high efficiency (HE) washer is a good device to use to save water. This washer is commonly used to wash clothes. The more you get to save energy with the assurance of having clean clothes if you use cold water.

5. Collect Water from Rain

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It is also a practical means to have a rain barrel at your backyard. The water that comes from the rain can be very useful in many ways. You can gather many gallons of rain water for different uses. One example is to use the collected rain water in watering the plants in your garden, front yard and backyard. Moreover, try not to use a water hose for your plants. Have the traditional water spray bottle or use a bucket instead. They can be also useful in flushing the toilet.

It does not take a lot of effort to save water. When you start conserving water or using less water more frequently, there are more dimes saved from your monthly bills. It is definitely a great way to save energy and cut down your expenses.



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