What to Wear this Summer

Bright colors are trendy during the season of summer. Pink, blue, orange, yellow, printed dresses, flower designs, and polka dot dresses are always in demand on sunny days. One more thing is the wearing of loose dresses to give you a cooling sensation. For stylish and cool summer wear, here are some suggestions that you can try!

Frilly and Flirty Dress

As the name states, it is not necessarily the kind of dresses a call girl wears. It is very feminine and fun. You can have it without straps, with short sleeves, or thin straps. You may also wear a short sleeved denim vest that matches with the flirty dress to look fresh and fierce. Either way, pair the outfit with necklace, bracelet, braided belt, and a fur handbag.

Maxi DressImage Source: allforfashiondesign

Maxi Dress

This is a simple dress that can be combined with accessories to look more fashionable. You can have a pair of flat sandals, with quilted shoulder bag. A hat will be a great match, too. Whether with or without a hat, tie your hair into two braids.

Opposite Attraction Dress

This kind of dress is unique on its own. It uses two types of fabrics or materials that can look opposite. The first layer may be cotton, and the second, but almost halved, is lace. It will look good to be paired with high-heeled shoes and matching tote.

White Outfit

White is obviously good for this season as well. This color will never be out of trend. But only choose one part of your wardrobe in white, and complement it with other color. For instance, if you wear white pants, don a yellow or other colored shirt or blouse. If you for a white sleeveless shirt, go for black skinny pants or denim short skirt. Whether you match white with bright colors or dark shades, it does not matter. White can be combined with anything! Hence, a very simple dress idea for summer.

High Waisted ShortsImage Source: sodahead

High Waisted Shorts

Want to still look like a super star even in shorts? Try wearing a cool and beautiful high waisted shorts! With this outfit, you can go anywhere and do anything. Whether in heels or in strappy flat sandals, you’d look fabulous.

Plain Yellow Dress

Obviously, wearing a sunshine color will make your appearance bloom. Because yellow is can somehow be intense to the eyes, make it pleasant by choosing a less bright shade of this color. The catch here though is that you’d feel cool despite the heat and sunny weather.

Animal Print Dress

PETA will hate you if you actually wear the skin of tiger or leopard. But you can always wear any dress with animal prints! This is a very common stylish outfit you can also wear in summer. You will look glamorous with this kind of wardrobe.

Flowerlicious DressImage Source: fashion4gaals

Flowerlicious Dress

Let’s not forget that dresses printed in flowers are always on demand in summer. This can give you an awesome girly look. Note Hawaiian people or individuals in this beautiful island wear polos and dresses in floral prints when they go out because it is suitable to their weather. You can also wear one this summer. It is also important to choose the right style of color of print and mix it with your other outfit so you’d look great from head to toe.

Lace Detailed Dress

This dress is more appropriate for a formal gathering and at a night event. Whether black or colored, match the fabric with your jewelry and footwear.

Breezy Layered DressImage Source: brit

Breezy Layered Dress

Layered outfit also be a chic option for summer wear. To make your outfit proper and suitable for this season, choose a light and neutral shade then pair it with flat shoes or wedge, and bangles for the jewelry.

Pink Wardrobe

Pink is one of the amazing colors for summer. Like white and yellow, this is also a trendy for both girls and boys. It is because it cannot only brighten your skin tone but also make you stay cool and fresh all day long.

Wearing bright colors and comfy dresses this summer is the most ideal to enjoy your day despite the heat. You can opt to these wonderful samples of summer outfits and still look amazing.



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