6 Ways to Keep or Improve Your Skin this New Year

One thing that you should include on your to-do list or resolution this new year is making your skin healthier and young-looking. Perhaps, you may be contented with your skin already, but maintaining it is still very important. Whether you need improvement or keep it healthy, this is the page for you. Below is a list of easy-to-do things on how to beautify your skin.

1. Moisturize with Lotion

Skin becomes dry and the best weapon is lotion. You apply amount onto your skin, rub, and keep it moisturized. You may also use coconut oil or shea butter cream. It is best to apply moisturizer right after you shower, and before you go out. If you feel your skin is dry, you can just rub on at anytime.

Scrub to ExfoliateImage Source: mnn

2. Scrub to Exfoliate

Exfoliating skin is basically removing dead cells. This is a great way to keep your skin fresh, healthy, and bright. You can do scrubbing on your own during shower. The recommended times to do this is a few times in a week during summer and spring. You may also want to scrub in winter but it is best to do it just once in a week.

3. Apply Honey

Honey has properties that moisturize, hydrate, and heal. This is a good solution against dry skin, too. You can certainly use it as both moisturizer and exfoliate. When your lips become chapped, this is also a fantastic option to use. In fact, it can treat cold sores.

Rub on with SunscreenImage Source: wtop

4. Rub on with Sunscreen

To protect yourself from tanning and skin cancer, apply sunscreen with the right level of SPF. This is essential to keep your skin healthy during summer and sunny days. You must not go out under the sun without any sunscreen on. Be sure that most of your exposed skin should be applied on with sunscreen lotion. This means your neck, ears, hands, and legs must be moisturized with this kind of beauty product.

Eat More Fruits and VegetablesImage Source: tescohealthandwellbeing

5. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamin D, and vitamin E are essential to the skin. You must not only focus on the external means of keeping your skin healthy. It is also recommended to eat fruits and vegetables that contain nutrients, which can have good effect to your skin.

6. Smile Always

Wrinkles on the face are a no-no to most people, especially women. To avoid having that at a young adult age, better keep smiling as much as possible. A happy and vibrant face can somehow make your skin look younger over time. Plus, it is already a new year, so there are plenty of reasons for you to smile.

This 2014, one of your new goals must be to keep or improve your skin to become healthier. You know that a new year means another year for your age, too. It implies that it is a fact that you get aged. But you can have a healthy, good-looking, young skin if you do those 6 things regularly.



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