The Don’ts of a Beginning Runner

If you are planning to jog soon for the first time, there are some important reminders to learn. The purpose of knowing such key points can help you have a great start and so that you won’t be discouraged and quit soon enough. Most beginners fail to continue their run due to several mistakes. These are the don’ts to avoid when you go out for some run.

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1. Lack of Warm Up

Before you head out and start running, there are a few things to do. You must stretch your legs for 20 to 30 seconds, do a jumping jack, or rope jump. It is important to warm your body up for a more serious workout. This is your base to prepare your muscles as this is very much needed when running. It also helps increase the mileage if you get strength for your muscular tissue prior to jogging.

2. Same Mileage

If you run for a few miles during the first week, it’s pretty understandable. In the second week, you must try to increase the pace, and more distance for the next weeks. You also have to beat your own record every time you run. This is your best means to see whether you are improving or not. You cannot just be a runner with the same pace or distance.

3. Over Training

There is a difference between improving mileage and over training. The latter is about forcing something that your body or ability cannot actually do. You need to have patience when jogging as well. It may take you weeks before you can increase your pace or improve your distance, but it must not be grounds for you to quit or be feel disappointed in yourself. It must be only a challenge to keep doing until you get to the next level, but never force yourself.

4. Bad Choice of Schedule and Location

It is also important to have a good schedule to run. It must not only be based on your mood that you feel like jogging today or tomorrow. There must be a schedule you set that you have to strictly follow. For beginners, two to three straight days in a week is ideal. You can have a one day rest in between. When you are ready, you can do it 5 straight days within a week.

You also consider the location. You need to start running in a flat surface, and not rugged or terrain. Just opt for a hilly place once you have improved your mileage and performance.

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5. Improper Nutrition

After your run, make sure to drink enough water or fresh fruit juice. You can also have a bar of nutritional bar, oatmeal cookie, and other healthy snacks with the right amount of protein. You do need to eat and drink stuff that contains vitamins and minerals. This helps improve your body and to get energized once again. You cannot just run or do any exercise without a well balanced diet. It is also important to have proper nutrition.

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Running is not just a simple exercise or a hobby to enjoy. You do need to have fun running, but also take it as a serious workout. Consistency is a very helpful key, so once you start jogging, you better not quit. You can only reduce your time to run once you are very much used to it, but as a starter, your goal is to improve. Also, avoid doing these common mistakes to be able to enhance your performance in a much faster time and to get better results. Whether you run by yourself or have a company, make sure to do the right techniques before, during, and after exercising.



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