How to Save Water when Doing Some Household Chores

During the past few years, I would use water without being aware of how much I’d really consume. I didn’t know that I was wasting tons of gallons of water everytime I would do my house chores. After learning some basics about saving water, I managed to cut down our water bill.

Do you try to use less water and save energy too? You can start saving some water at the simplest and normal things you can do. That is everytime you do some household chores like washing the dishes, doing the laundry or cleaning your carpet. There are practical ways that I do on how to consume less water which I have to share with you.

1) Always Turn Off the Tap Water

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Whatever you do at home, always turn off the water when it’s not in use. Running the water even if you are not collecting any or trying to wash under the tap is a total waste. A single drop of water that does not is a big loss already. So, imagine if you keep on turning on the tap water for a minute, 5 minutes or 30 minutes.

2) Use Cold Water to Water Plants or Do the Laundry

If you prefer showering on hot water, do not let the cold water run out to the sink hole. You better get a bucket and collect the cold water. That can be used for other essential things like doing the laundry, mopping the floor and watering plants. A lot of people do not think that as a beneficial way to save water. Now, that you know, always have a bucket with you to accumulate all the amount of cold water before showering.

3) Check for Possible Water Leaks

Before you do any household chores that may require some water, be sure to check the water meter, tubes and pipes. There may be leaks that can cause extra water that are put to waste. I couldn’t figure out before why our water bills used to be at a high price. I knew I was not using water more than I should have but when I found out the leaks then I sensed that’s the problem. Before you can waste more water, it’s better to check for leaks prior to doing any household chores. It would be useless to try conserving water when you have some leak problems.

4) Wash Your Dog and Car on the Lawn

If you own a car and you try to save some money by washing it your own, then you can use that as an option to conserve water. Here is why so you pay attention. You probably have a lawn and instead of using the water installed on the ground, you can use the same water in washing the vehicle to water your front grass and backyard lawn. That same thing would work if you wash your dog right on your lawn. It can definitely save some water and eventually energy.

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5) Soak the Dishes

Washing the dishes is a common household chore. This is also the way to use a huge amount of water. So, to help you with this too, then soak the dishes in a basin of collected water. This means you do not run and keep your tap water on to wash each dish.

These things are definitely beneficial. You won’t only simply conserve water but also cut down your regular monthly bills. Plus, you are going to contribute in saving energy and helping the environment to become stable.



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