The Use of Eco Friendly Bags – Why It’s Fun and Healthy

It is obvious how harmful plastic bags are. They are one of the factors why were pollution bad air sometimes. They are one of the reasons why drainage gets clogged. We won’t be discussing the effects of plastic bags, however. I believe it’s much better to look on the positive viewpoints than the negative impacts.

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So, let’s concentrate on the use of eco friendly bags. These are the best replacement of plastic bags as they provide much better effects to the users, like you and me, and to the entire environment.

I’m personally giving companies and organizations two thumbs up for promoting environmentally friendly bags. I’ve been to a few stores that use eco friendly bags. I was like “Wow, this is not bad at all!”. That’s the first time I decided and dedicated myself to totally ban the use of plastic bags. As a green energy and healthier environment advocator, it would be a lie to my own self to agree with these stores’ green campaign without applying it on my own. Now, I’ve never been proud than to share to you what I know and experienced from using eco-friendly bags.

Ideal for Moms and Kids

Eco friendly bags are very useful in many, different ways. They are good personal bags  you can use whenever you go to the grocery store, drop by to a post office or even when taking some time off shopping. I’m guilty to most of these things because I never go out without an eco-friendly bag gripped on my hand or hanged on one of my shoulders. Believe me, it works for children too. They can be messy and get them stained but since these bags are recyclable, you can just wash them like your normal laundry. A little brush there and a few short here would be enough. See, that’s not how difficult to reuse eco friendly bags at all. The advantage here is that you won’t need to throw the bag after using it. That alone can save the environment because a single plastic bag when thrown anywhere becomes an instant producer of toxic chemicals. That’s when pollution starts to expose toxins in the air, water and even soil.

Come in Stylish and Colorful Designs

Plastic bags are simply plastics. It means they’re not fashionable at all. They look trash for me. One reason why eco friendly bags are much better is because they are designed in stylish looks. You can use them for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Eco friendly bags are definitely attractive than plastic bags. Whatever you are wearing would be a good match with the eco friendly bags. You just have to make sure you have the right style and color to make your outfit and bag to appear as partners.

You are probably wondering now what eco friendly bags are made of. Well, they’re not manufactured in various chemicals, that’s why they are not harmful to use as far as health and environment are concerned. Most eco friendly bags are made from waste so they are considered as recyclable items. Do not worry, they are thoroughly processed and well cleaned to assure safety when they are reused. Anyway, the secret is this: eco friendly bags are made from canvas, nylon, hemp, cotton and vinyl, which is the most commonly used material by larger companies. There are also bags made from recycled materials such as old clothes, rice sacks and juice packs. See, these materials are good alternatives to use compared to plastic bags. And yes, you can also make your own environmentally friendly bags. Instead of throwing your old clothes, you can just sew and style them in a way that they become personal bags.

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Are paper bags considered to be eco friendly bags? Personally for me, the answer is no. I thought it’s environmentally friendly because paper obviously decays quickly. It can be burned and even if you throw it on the ground it won’t release any toxins or harmful chemicals. But, paper is manufactured from what source? Yes, you got it right if you thought about trees.

Trees tend to be a helpful, friendly creation in the world. It can help limit flood, landslide, well you name it. So, if we keep using paper bags to replace plastic bags it won’t be long until we reap the bad impacts of deforestation or the lack of enough trees. That’s still not considered as environmentally friendly. Now, do you agree? Do I make sense?

The deal here is that it is certainly safe and friendly to use eco friendly bags. Just be aware the kinds of materials used to make such bags for plastic bags replacement. I highly recommend that you must start using eco friendly bags too. There’s nothing you can lose anyway so this option is a winner.



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