What are Prevalent Environmental Issues Today

The world these days has lots of environmental problems. People, including animals and plants, are suffering from many kinds of issues. The major problem is apparently caused by people. Some men and women are aware of those issues, but they don’t do something about it, which is quite a pity.

With lots of common environmental issues, these should be continually solved but not that easy. Yet, if people cannot cooperate, the earth will suffer more and worse. To avoid this, we should start helping the government plans and contributing to solve these issues one step at a time. Actually, the changes have to begin first within your house and surrounding, before you go far like your community.

Such environmental issues can make people inherit bad effects, including diseases, infections, and worse, death. What are the real causes of these impacts? Let’s learn the different environmental problems that are prevalent these days.

Issue 1: Air Pollution

Smoke coming from factories, plantations, vehicles, and burning garbage are some of the very rampant causes of air pollution. Basically, there are two major types of air pollution, which are the indoor and outdoor air pollution. Both of these two types are very harmful to the health and the environment.

Most diseases that you can get due to air pollutions are asthma, allergies, heart disease, and lung cancer. According to studies, there are millions of men and women, including children who have died because of outdoor and indoor air pollution.

It may be shocking to you to know that number of victims. Just think of the common lifestyle and habits of people these days. Most people stay in an enclosed office for work. There is a possibility that you can various health conditions, including bronchitis, lung cancer, heart disease, and pneumonia, because of poor quality of air. But you can avoid this problem if you use the right kind of air purifier or cleaner of the HVAC system.

Another negative effect of air pollution is that the ozone layer of the earth is affected. When you were younger, you learned from your Science teacher that the zone layer of the earth is very important to all creatures. Once the layer of the earth is damaged, the ray or heat of the sun affects the earth in a way that it seems close enough. This results to a weather condition that becomes hotter. When that happens, you won’t enjoy being out in the sun for too long. Your skin is easily exposed and damaged because of this. It can give you skin allergy, or worse, skin cancer.

Water Pollution

Another issue regarding the environment is the water pollution. The major factor of this, which is common to many countries around the world, is the improper dumping of garbage. The solution is very easy, which is waste management. You can help avoid this becoming worse if you throw your garbage in the designated places.

Obviously, all of us need clean water, because it is very beneficial for drinking, swimming and cleaning. So, if you strongly agree, which I know you do, have clean water every day and help conserve the cleanliness of every body of water around you.


Absence of trees in the forest, or in a more commonly known term, illegal logging is one other primary problem of the world these days. Even if it is legal, like the case of building establishments and constructing pavements, is still an issue because it involves the cutting of trees.

Trees are vital natural resource of the earth, and every person and animal get benefits from them. One of these benefits is the clean and fresh air that you breathe. Of course, the stem or roots of trees also absorb water, which helps prevent flood or landslide. Without sufficient trees, the occurrence of flood, land slide and flash flood happens. These can cause great problems later on, and a lot of people would be affected.

These issues concerning environment are not new anymore. The real problem is that not majority of people, because we don’t expect all to contribute, are trying to do something for their solutions. From simple or small things, you can make a difference within your own place, before you expand it outside your surroundings or community.



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