The Pros and Cons of Using Candles as Room Lighting

One use of candles is to give light to a room. From ancient times to modern day, this has been a good source and alternative of light. Apart from this, there are other several advantages of using candles. Below you are going to learn the different pros, as well as cons that you need to be aware of.

Pro 1: Lighten a Room

A single candle can light up a room, whether it is spacious or not. It does not provide enough light as what a regular light bulb or fluorescent does. In other words, this kind of lighting can only break darkness, but still can give light.

Pro 2: Serve as an Emergency Light

You cannot just have candles for standard usage. They can also become useful during power interruption. Sometimes, it can be frustrating to experience sudden power outage, especially if you are trying to finish some work, or maybe setting a table for dinner with some friends. It’s just good to know that you can use candles for this kind of situation. So, still be thankful that there is an alternative lighting in such cases like this.

Pro 3: Reduce Utility Bill

Another reason to be grateful for regarding the use of candles is that it helps lower your regular bill. That is only if you use this alternative lighting as frequently as possible. Let’s say during weekend nights, have some candles while having dinner. If you watch a television show that you know can extend up to hours, instead of switching on the lamp on the side table, just light a candle. It helps more if you just turn off the lights and use no candle when watching TV.

Pro 4: Cost Cheaply

Candles are not only useful for saving your bills. They are just very inexpensive compared to other means of lighting. That is why you can have as many candles as you can at home without any worries, since they are affordable.

Now, let’s discuss a few disadvantages concerning the use of candles at home.

Con 1: Create Fire

Some cases of fire nationwide and worldwide are due to candles. The light that brightens in a room is basically fire. It makes it very susceptible to cause any damage when it reaches to an item that is easily burned or prone to burning. One drop of a candle on a fabric, carpet, or a pile of paper can cause fire in a matter of seconds. This is one thing that you have to be careful about everything you use candles. It is recommended that you put a candle on a place that is far from vulnerable things.

Con 2: Melt Fast and Easily

Basically, a stick of a single candle is made of wax. This type of compound can easily and quickly melt, since the major trigger is fire. It is not a big issue to think about it, but can cause hassle if you have to light one candle from time to time, especially during power outage. But just use enough candles at a certain period of time in order to avoid wasting their use, as well.

Although there is a potential risk, the use of candles is very helpful in a lot of ways. This particular item is somehow considered eco-friendly as it helps save the bills and use as a good alternative source of light in a room. Therefore, you must not be too afraid to have candles on your dining tables, on top of the cabinet in your living room, or on the small desk table of your bedroom.



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