Save Water When Washing Your Car

Most of the time people waste tons of water in many different ways. One of them is when washing a car. Washing cars are fun but not easy, because it can be tricky. You do not want to allow water enter the inside. Most importantly, you do want to conserve some water. Yes, you can wash your car and save water at the same time.

Option 1: Put Water in a Bucket

Rinsing your car with water is the time wherein most water is actually used. Before you wash after soaping, it is best to think first on how you can conserve water. The wisest thing to do is to wash or rinse a car with the use a small pail and get water from a bucket. This helps avoid wasting some amount of water. You only get to use the amount of water, which is limited, that is in the bucket.

Option 2: Use a Hose

It also helps conserve water if you use a hose, but make sure it is not fully open. It means the amount of water coming out through the hose should be only minimal. This is to restrict and control the use of water when washing your vehicle.

Also, be sure that you are going to wash your car in a grassy area, or a much a better term is your lawn. While you rinse soaps off the car, the water drops become useful to the blades of grass in your yard.

Additional Tips

When washing an automobile, regardless of the kind of vehicle and size, use a sponge and a not a rag or any types of cloths, because they are usually rough. Some dirt and stain on vehicles can be only removed when wiped out. If you use a rag, there is possibility to make scratches. No one would like to see any scratch even just a dot size on his car.

One other reason why sponge is a good cleaning tool is because it absorbs water. One dip of a sponge is able to collect a high amount of water. Pour sufficient amount of soap in a bowl and dip in the sponge before applying to every inch and edge of your automobile. Afterwards, you can even use the same sponge, but make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned and free from soap, to rinse all residues away with water. This is another water conservation option you can try, especially for a small sized car.

You can also use laundry water and rain water in washing your car. Using laundry water, which is referred to as grey water, is an excellent idea to conserve water. On the other hand, rain water can be a good cleaning element for car washing without turning the faucet on. It has properties that can easily remove dirt, stain and other blemishes on vehicles. Remember that any used water that is clean can be a good alternative for washing car.

Washing your car in the shade is also a good idea to conserve water. The explanation is simple – water on car can easily dry upon sun exposure. So, if you are washing your vehicle under a shade, you do not have to use a double amount of water. Plus, you get to save some of you energy, too. Wouldn’t be a lot better to do car washing while you have convenience to do it?

If you do not have the luxury of time to wash your own car, the best option is to go to the nearby car wash center. This also avoids the stress and hassle in cleaning an automobile. Most importantly, you do not have to use any bucket of water or a hose to do so.

These ideas and tips are very simple things to keep in mind regarding how to conserve water when washing a car. It is very important to do such wise decisions like this. Whether you choose to clean your car or take it to a local car wash, water conservation is a basic necessary, and not just an option. At the end of the day, you are able to manage your water as well as your money or water bill.



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