10 Common Things to Store Inside a Dresser

It is called a dresser because it has been intended to place clothes that are foldable. You can also place towels, socks, and other things that are worn and made by fabric. But a dresser can be a multi-purpose cabinet. The space and size of this furniture is ideal to keep some personal items. Here are other 10 common things that you can store in your dresser or drawer.

1. Jewelry

A dresser can be built with a lock. That makes it a perfect storage room for highly priced necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. You can place them in a smaller first and organize them based on their kinds. One container is for all bracelets and another for the earrings, etc. Also, you can separate them according to their gemstones or metals. This way it is easier for you to know where to find which is which.

2. Beauty and Hygiene Products

You may want a very neat bedroom, and probably slightly hides your beauty secrets. Put all your lotions, deodorant, perfume and other products for face and skin inside the drawer of your cabinet. Or you may have extra bottles and containers of those products and need some space to store them. Either way, a dresser can be your partner for that.

3. Toiletries

Rolls of tissues, stocks of soaps, and bottles of shampoos can be also stored in this furniture. Some bedrooms do have bathrooms in the same area. Maybe, your bathroom cabinet is already full and no room for these extra toiletries.

4. Medicines

Your prescriptions of medicines and first aid kits, such as band aids, syringes, alcohol and cotton are other items that a cabinet dresser can accommodate. Usually, these things need to kept stored and out of reach of children. If you dresser has a lock, it will be definitely a good room.

5. Collections and Memorabilia

Are you a fan of baseball cards, sports team hats, soda bottle lids or stamps? How about some sentimental items like a photo album or flowers from your admirers that you want to keep? They can surely be kept cherished and protected in your drawers.

6. Toys

Your kids may also have a cabinet with an extra drawer. If so, put some of their toys in there to ensure their room is neat. Sometimes, kids are already fed up with their toys but you do not want to throw, donate or sell them.

7. Piggy Bank

Your coins in a piggy bank are best hidden in a drawer. You must avoid displaying them in the open to avoid temptation by you, anyone of your family, and guests who may have the chance to get a peek of your kid’s room.

8. Bags and Purses

Many women like to have different bags, purses and wallets that match to any of their outfit. If you are one of them, it is best that you keep them free from dust. Since you do not use them all at the same time, keep them in the dresser.

9. Sewing and Embroidery Kit

Sometimes, it is fun to make quilted blankets, embroider baby clothes or cross-stitch an angelic picture. If you have this kind of habit or passion, organize your kit in your cabinet. It is also a great idea to keep them out of your children, since some of the tools are pointed and sharp.

10. Other Accessories

Small and tiny items like paper, pens, clips, belts, batteries, flashlights, should not be forgotten. Most of the time, the accessories that are small or thin in sizes do need more organizing and proper room. So, be sure that you keep them in your dresser as well.

With a dresser, there are lots of things that you can organize, store and keep. From clothes to books, toys to toiletries, there is a room for anything. You may have a cabinet that has four or more drawers that can accumulate just about anything in different sizes and forms as long as they fit in. Spaces may be limited or wide enough, but it does not matter since you can store everything inside. That’s one interesting feature of this kind of furniture, which makes it multi-purpose cabinet.




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