Which is Healthier? Fresh or Canned Fruits

There is a debate between fresh and canned fruits. Some people prefer fresh fruits, while others go for canned ones. They have their own tight reasons why which and which is better. Well, do not just rely on your personal benefit, but stick to the golden rule when it comes to food consumption. That is to opt for the healthiest option there is. The question now is, which one is really better: fresh or canned fruits? Let’s answer that by having some examples below.

Example One: Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a common ingredient to many dishes. You can make salad with tomatoes, as well as purée and juice. It is not just a very adaptable ingredient for food recipes, but also consists of many health benefits. Tomatoes are packed with antioxidants, including lycopene and beta-carotene, which are very advantageous in preventing cancers, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Considered as a seasonal food ingredient, tomatoes are easy to prepare. Just thoroughly clean them, chop, cook and serve, or even eat raw.

Now, let’s go back to the main question. Is it better to have tomatoes from cans or freshly picked from the farm? Most tomatoes that are in “cans” are basically stored in a tin can or a glass jar. They have been stored there for awhile since their manufacturing date. Now, that sounds like a red flag, doesn’t it?

Other than the long preservation of the tomatoes, the jar or can may not be BPA or bisphenol A free. If you haven’t known, BPA is linked to certain health issues, which include cancer, diabetes, heart disease and infertility. You will never know if the storage has BPA or not. The bottom line is go for something fresh and just store tomatoes on your own if you prefer a frozen or canned ones.

Example Two: Peas

Let’s try weighing fresh peas and canned or frozen peas. These little green balls are extra ingredients to some meals, including fettuccini. Unlike other food ingredients, peas can easily become fading or white, dull tasting and grainy. That’s why they are stored in the refrigerator most of the time to avoid becoming a mess. So, which one is much better? Peas that are frozen are better as they keep their sweet taste when preserved in cold temperature.

Example Three: Lemons

Lemons can either be freshly squeezed or manufactured in a glass or plastic bottle. As of these days, you can grab a bottle of lemon juice in a local grocery store. That is quite very helpful if you are too thirsty as you are driving along the road or if you are on a long trip. Unfortunately, most lemon juices that are commercially packed have additives. Sometimes, the flavor of lemon is just artificial. You do not actually get the health benefits, which fresh lemons should naturally have. If you want to drink some lemon juice, go for fresh ones. Squeeze them and drop ice cubes then you can have a healthy and refreshing beverage.

Many fruits in cans, jars or bottles have preservatives and additives. The chemically flavored ingredients are not healthy. Therefore, it is still much better to have fresh fruits, whether you have to add them to your dish or blend them for sipping.



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