What You Need to Know about Trans-Fat

There are several foods that can give you trans-fat. Fast foods are the number one source of transfat. Even if you try to cut down your consumption by eating a few pieces of French fires or order cheeseburger once in a while, you still get extra trans-fat.

You may wonder why or how you get transfat. To answer that, some foods are cooked in hydrogenated oils. Even though this oil can make foods delicious it is still not good to the health. Fortunately, FDA has generally banned the use of hydrogenated oil in restaurants and purchase or sale of this in commercial establishments.

Trans-fat is actually considered as the main ingredient for many foods, including burgers, French fries, and other oily or fried foods. This oil does not only make foods delicious, but also increases the flavor and texture of the foods. No wonder why most of these foods are mouthwatering and irresistible.

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Meat, such as lamb and beef, and other dairy products are other sources of transfat. Basically, your home dish can have an amount of this kind of fat.

The one general truth about transfat is that they are provide illnesses or serious diseases in the long run. Some of the conditions you may suffer from are the following.

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1. Cardiovascular Disease

One of the body parts that can be affected by excessive trans-fat is the arteries. This substance will clog in the veins of and surrounding your heart. This causes the area of your veins to become very thin. The clog can also become unbendable, which makes them solid like structures that are usually soft and flexible. Once this happens, the heart cannot easily pump blood. Consequently, you will suffer from stroke, or cardiovascular disease.

2. High Blood Pressure

This condition is common among older and younger people. It is another result of foods that are rich in trans-fat. In fact, consuming oily foods is the number one reason why most people sufferi from high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can happen when double amount of blood flows into the veins. The fats that you consume stay in your body, most especially in the veins and arteries. This makes the systems of the body to not work properly. In addition, there are other conditions that can occur when you have high blood pressure. These include eye damage, aneurysm, and kidney failure.

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3. Obesity

The over consumption of fatty foods can lead a person to obesity. And obesity is one causes of death for the past years, especially in Western countries. This is a disease that is very common in the United States the states. That is why FDA banned trans-fat once and for all.

However, you can fight and prevent obesity by having daily exercises and proper diet. Proper diet doesn’t mean about eating small amount of food every day. Instead, you eat healthier and non-fatty foods as much as possible. They must be low in transfat or better zero. If you add more fresh vegetables and fruits in your meal daily, you live a much healthier life. In this option you cannot only make your stay fit, but also gives you amazing health benefits.

Let as face the fact that we cannot control our desires in eating foods, especially fatty foods because they are just plain delicious. Yet, we can control our mouth as to what to eat. Also, when it comes to eating, healthy foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, should be more consumed. Not only to have a healthy diet but also to workout. Ultimately, you will have a much healthier body and brighter mind.



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