What to Know about Dry Cleaning

Mothers must be aware of some things that are cleaned dry. Some do not have to be washed and rinsed with water in order to clean them. That’s when dry cleaning is the only and the best solution. Let’s talk more about dry cleaning and learn which of your items need dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning is usually applied in certain items that are made of fabric materials. These include clothes, carpets, furniture, and pillows. They are personal things that should not just be thrown and soaked into a washing machine filled with water and laundry detergent.

Fabric Materials that Demand Dry Cleaning

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It is not a random selection to dry clean home items. You do not just choose any clothes or fabric-made items that you clean through this process. Actually, there are certain types of fabrics to name that must be dry cleaned. They are wools, silk, and rayons, or a combination of two or more of them.

You may wonder what makes them different from other materials like cotton, nylon and polyester. Well, those materials can easily shrink, lose shape, become dull, faint original color, or change colors when they are cleaned with water. You can easily lose the chance of wearing clothes made of rayon or silk if you wash them like ordinary clothes. Even other items that are made of the same materials should not be attempted to clean that way.

Home Dry Cleaning

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There are commercial dry cleaning products that you can buy at any local grocery store and use for washing special fabrics. They are what you need to dry clean clothes that are made of silk, rayon, wools and other fabric materials that must not be washed with water. Their best feature is to basically clean without damaging the material. It is recommended to hand wash the items.

There are other things that you can do when dry cleaning special fabrics. With the use of the right commercial dry cleaning products, the stains are removed when you manually wash with your hands. Sometimes, letting them soaked with the product can help remove stain much faster and more effectively. When the materials, like clothes and curtains, are ready to be placed in cabinets, you may need to iron them, but that must not be folded, and rather hanged or used right away.

Most of the dry cleaning kits available in stores have special features for better outcome. These include the ability to remove stain using a stain remover or some stain absorbing pads. They also have dryer activated cloths and reusable dryer bags. All of them are essential for faster and more effective dry cleaning.

After Dry Cleaning

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Dry cleaning clothes and other special fabric-made items does not end there. If it is your first time to dry clean an item, it is best that you check out how it is turned out. Did it make any wrinkles after it has been dry cleaned? Is there any shrink or color change?

Wrinkles are obviously expected after cleaning, even when you use the traditional laundry process. The solution here is to simply iron the fabric to reshapen its original appearance. Some may not have any wrinkles but still need ironing.

There are also times in which stains on fabrics are not fully removed after dry cleaning. You have to do the process again until the stain is removed.

Take note that dry cleaning is not a process that literally dries. It is used to clean off dust, wipe out dirt, and remove stain without the use of water. The material is immersed and soaked in a solvent and not water.

Another solution to clean certain materials made of special fabrics is to bring them to a commercial dry cleaning business. There are services that you can depend on when it comes to dry cleaning, especially if the items are too difficult to manage. For instance, furniture and carpet that are covered with those special fabrics that must be dry cleaned should be sent to a professional. You just have to shell out more dimes to have them cleaned. It actually pays off because stains and particles are completely removed.

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