What to Do if Your Dog Gets Sick

Many of us are fond of dogs, especially puppies, because they are very cute, huggable, friendly, and loving. They are available in many kinds of breeds, height and also colors. They may be too far from humans but they are considered as a part of the family whenever you have one. That is why taking care of them is our responsibility. We need to take care of them, such as feeding and bathing. But what would you do if they happen to become ill? How do you know if your pet is feeling sick? It is necessary that you know those things as a part of taking care of dogs.

Dog owners have two options in taking care of their pet when they are sick. They either bring them to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment, or self medication, which is quite a risky, unless you are experienced to perform so.

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Most people do not know if their dog is sick. They do not have the voice to tell so, and no physical indication to recognize. The only time that we usually notice that a dog is sick when they lose the appetite to eat, vomiting, always sleeping, and less active. Dog sicknesses are sometimes dangerous which may call for immediate help and medical attention. The best option for this is to take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible. They are expert to give ideal treatment for your dog once they detected he or she is positively sick. Nevertheless, you must be aware of how to know if your dog is really sick or not.

1. Compare the Dog to Others

Normally, healthy dogs are very playful and active. It should be easily noticed if your dog is acting the other way around. This is much better confirmed if you compare him or her with other dogs. Once your furry family member is weak and doesn’t want to play, it indicates the need of immediate check up.

2. Check the Breathing

Another thing that helps you know if your dog is sick or unhealthy in the breathing. A normal dog breathes from 15 to 20 times per minute. If the breathing is slower than normal, there is absolutely wrong with them.

3. Look at the Appearance

If your dog is sick, the most affected part is the physical appearance. You can actually recognize several symptoms if your dog is not feeling fine. First, check if the ears are clean and no odor. If they are itchy, then there is something to diagnose. The eyes should be bright if nothing is wrong with their health, or else it would be red and swollen. Other things to look for are bumps or tumors, runny and crusty nose, bald spot, and change in the body weight.

4. Observe the Behaviour

If your dog is sick, his or her behaviour also change. Some of the changes that you must notice are frequent scratching at their own body, sneezing, constant sleeping, shaking, heavy panting, and not eating.

5. Examine the Color of the Dog’s Gums

Healthy dogs usually have pink gums. So, if your dog’s gums is yellow, blue, white, or grey, he or she is likely sick and you need to take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possibly you can.

6. See if the Dog is Hydrated

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To check if your dog is hydrated, just gently pull up the skin on the back of the neck and let go. If you notice that the skin looks like it sticks together, then he or she is hydrated. If not, then your pet needs medication.

If you know the specific illnesses that can affect your dog, you can easily know what kind of treatment is right for him or her. But you are not a doctor to accurately know about it. That’s when you have to rely on a vet, as they are trained to do medical procedures. You would be more less stressful and worried if your dog is well taken care of by a professional dog care provider. It is recommended to call a vet or bring your dog to the clinic once you see symptoms of sickness.

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