Weekend Activities for Kids – Away from TV and Gadget

Since the advancement of technology, most kids nowadays find enjoyment and pleasure with handheld devices. There is the TV, the computer, the tablet, the cellular phone or mobile phone, Playstation, Xbox, Wii, you name it. Sometimes, children don’t even spend time with their parents anymore, except during dinner. To make sure you still have the attention of your boys and girls, have a small weekend together doing some stuff away from any devices. Here are some great ideas that you and your kids can have fun and spend some special memories throughout the weekends.

1. Go Out Camping

Camping is one of common getaway events that you and your kids can absolutely enjoy. This does not mean you have to go somewhere distant where you can set a tent. Just a pick a spot close to the lake, river or nearby woods, where you can do some camping for a night. With this, you can teach your kids the importance of nature or environment. Likewise, you can help them develop some skills related to survival, resourcefulness and sportsmanship. Did you also know that camping is one of the factors that help kids become brave and more courageous?

In addition, pitching a tent is an exciting idea, as you can do things together without the presence or uses of gadgets. For instance, you can share some stories, instead of letting them watch their favorite cartoon show. Another example is to play board games, like chess, checkers, UNO cards, and cards, while waiting for the sun to set. If you can make a tent near water, you can go swimming or fishing. In the woods or a small mountain, this lets you hike for hours and discover new animals in the wild.

Other than that, you can collect different kinds of backyard materials or recyclable scraps to make special projects. Afterwards, you can roast marshmallows and barbecues, bring fruits or even get them from the forest.

2. Visit the Amusement Park

Taking your kids to a local amusement park is also a great way to spend the weekends together. This is really helpful to divert the mind of your kids away from other fun stuffs. It is through this option that they are encouraged to socialize and simply enjoy being kids with other people. Since kids are very playful and want to try different kinds of thrills, getting some rides is definitely a good choice. Just before they try any amazing rides on the amusement park, be sure to advice your kids on what they should do to avoid problems or accidents. Do not even allow them to go to some rides that are dangerous for them.

3. See Animals at the Zoo or Science Museum

Taking your kids to the zoo is also an enjoyable idea for the weekend. It’s true that they get to see them on television or from the Internet. Yet, the best is to see them firsthand, in which they can also feed them. Kids would surely love that, and the fact that most of them actually like to see real animals of different kinds and species. Majority of them even cannot wait to touch one of those creatures, but make sure they are harmless.

If they are tired of the zoo, you can bring them to a science museum. This weekend activity is also a great way to provide them some knowledge about marine life, astrology and others related to science. You may even be fascinated about what you can find out and learn from this place.

4. Paint Rocks

It is also a fun way to do some painting. Small children like to do arts. This is not the typical painting of any pictures on paper, but on pebbles or little rocks. It can take only several minutes to paint pebbles, which is a good way to spend some time with your kids. The painted pebbles can then be displayed in the yard, surrounding trees or plants.

5. Plant Trees

It is also an eco-friendly solution to have your kids take part in tree planting. This is not only a fun thing to do, but also an informative one. Your children would be able to embrace the significance of protecting the environment, particularly the adequacy of trees in the community.

All of these activities are very ideal to do with your kids during Saturday or Sunday. They are good solutions against the overuse of TV, computers, PSPs and other gadgets in your home. It is important nowadays for kids to be involved in doing something much productive and creative. This will not only help them discover their interests, passion and ambitions, but also contribute in making memories within your family, and environmental protection, as well as give significance to the nature.



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