Vitamins and Minerals to Keep the Doctor Away

Malnutrition is one of the common problems of some countries nowadays. This is a dangerous condition because it can make people more prone sicknesses, or worse death, especially for children.

The main cause of malnutrition is the lack of sufficient amount of nutrition. It means there are no enough vitamins and minerals in the body. Both underweight and overweight people can be classified to the group of individuals who are malnourished. It may be a shock to you that fat people are usually malnourished. That’s the truth, which explains the fact that they are most prone to chronic diseases and serious health problems, including heart attack.

The rate of malnutrition is very high since the last five years. According to surveys, more children are recorded malnourished compared to adults. In the year 2011, there were already hundreds of millions of children in the whole wide world who are regarded as malnourished. Those subjects are usually from Africa and Asia.

The lack of enough food turns into poor diet. The lack of nutrients, i.e. vitamins and minerals is worse than a poor diet. Why worse, it’s because it does not mean that when you eat food, you have proper nutrition. That is not always the case, since not all foods have nutritional ingredients.

Vitamins and minerals are important to our daily diet. They are the elements that help increase the immunity system, improve the functions of the different body parts, and generally make the body healthier. In children, growth and development of the physical and mental aspects become faster and more improved.

Local governments and international advocates encourage people to take certain vitamins and minerals. These include vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, iodine, iron, protein, zinc and many more. Lack of these nutrients can lead to particular illnesses, such as constant cold, flu, and as worse as blindness and various infections.

One major result of poor nutrition in children is slow development of the brain. Some kids have difficulty catching up lessons, because they do not have sufficient vitamins and minerals. For pregnant women, there is a big risk of fetal development failure. Both pregnant women and children are more vulnerable to certain complications when they lack adequate nutrients.

In a lot of cases, this nutritional issue for adolescents begins at childhood stage and may possibly continue to their adult stage. That’s why younger kids are encouraged and motivated to eat healthier foods. They will benefit the health advantages later on.

These are some of the facts about malnutrition and how to overcome the condition of being malnourished. The only easy and cheap solution to prevent malnutrition and lower cases in your community and around the world, is to eat nutritious foods, or feed your kids healthy foods. Nevertheless, add your healthy diet some regular exercises, as well. Both healthy eating and working out can help improve health of a person. If you are a parent, it is best that you prepare foods that are much healthier more often, but if you, yourself, do not have a very healthy diet, this change should begin with you first.



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