Top 15 Grocery Items to Buy Regularly

What are the things you usually buy when you go the grocery store? Perhaps, you have a list but do you include the following items listed below? If not, then try adding them, because they are not only useful and necessary, but also healthy or eco-friendly!

1. Granola

GranolaImage Source:studiogabe

This healthy ingredient is goood for snacks and addition to some dishes and cereals. You can also toss them into your favorite fruit parfait. The most interesting fact about this is that it has a quite high count of calories but fully made of whole grains. Before you grab a pack, ensure it does not have three or more sugar types. You must only get a mix of honey, brown sugar, and molasses.

2. Pita Chips

Pita ChipsImage Source:N00

Skip those salty chips like Doritos and Frito Lays, when you can have pita chips. But ensure to pick up packs of pita chips that are less in sodium. This is included on the list because it is an healthier alternative of sugar-content snacks. Plus, you can make vegetable based salsa.

3. Nuts and Dried Fruits

Dried FruitsImage Source:jenwaller

This mix is another healthy treat for snack time, and actually a good to bite than popcorn when you are watching your favorite drama series. It is also a good source of energy to get after working out at the gym.

4. Dark Chocolate

Most people think chocolates can get you fat. Well, the truth is yes, but when you opt for a darker one, you actually gain health benefits.

5. Pre-Packaged Deli Meats

Unless you are vegetarian, meat is an essential food to your family. Rather than the normal cuts of chicken, beef, pork, and other meat, choose the pre-packaged ones. These have lower number of calories.

6. Organic Foods

Crop FoodsImage Source:fstoaldo

Do not forget how beneficial to have vegetables, fruits and crop foods. These natural foods should be the main ingredients of every dish you prepare for yourself and your family. Choose ones that have more nutritional value and antioxidants.

7. White and Brown Rice

Brown RiceImage Source:rob

You may not be Asian and not used to eating rice, but change your diet sometimes. This is a source of whole grain that should contribute to an optimum health. Brown rice is tasteless but you can always mix it with white one.

8. Cookies

Though homemade cookies are much better, there are also ready-to-eat cookies you can grab on the shelves of your favorite local grocery store. But sometimes, it takes you time to bake goods for your children. For a quick snack, a jar in the cookies should be helpful somehow.

9. Tea and Coffee

For beverages, tea and coffee are best recommended. Leave those sodas, energy drinks and other fructose-contained beverages. Both coffee and tea can provide you some additional benefits, too.

10. Cleaning Solutions

Cleaners for the flooring, windows, kitchen sinks, and bathroom toilets usually come in similar forms. However, there are different solutions to remove stains. For instance, the rings on the toilet is removed by bleach, while grime on the window can be wipe off with just a mixture of water and detergent. That point here is to ensure you have a complete set of cleaners for all types. You need those to keep your house clean.

11. Dishwashing Liquid

Washing the dishes is habitual in a home but you cannot start anything without a dishwashing liquid. Make sure you do not forget to get a bottle of this when you head to the grocery.

12. Laundry Detergent

Laundry DetergentImage Source:seabird

Even you clothes are normally washed with the best detergent. Your grocery cart should include some laundry bars and powders. Get as many as you can so you won’t be running out whenever you need, and, if in case you cannot go in the grocery store in your regular schedule.

13. Tissue and Table Napkins

Rolls of tissue are also essential in every home. Folded napkins are also that important after eating. Both must be included in your cart everytime you go shopping at the grocery store.

14. Rubbing Alcohol and Hand Sanitizers

Bottles of hand sanitizers and rubbing alcohol help reduce bacteria and germs in your hands. These are essential to each and every family member, especially children. Encourage them to make it a habit to apply sanitizer or alcohol after using the bathroom, playing, and even studying. Germs are everywhere so it is a must to keep them avoid them with these products.

15. Room Freshener

Room FreshenerImage Source:laughingsquid

Make certain your room smells good and fresh. That said, have a spray of air freshener or a display air freshener. It helps prevent indoor pollution and odor from various sources.

These are products that must be written on your grocery list. If you do not regularly buy them, it should be added in your cart the next time.



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