Things Parents Do Not Know about Bedwetting

Is your child still wet his or her bed when sleeping? What must you do to prevent this? If your kid is already growing but still making bedwets, this is something a parent needs to address and find solution to. This information will give you more insights about bedwetting, as well as solutions to help your child stop from doing it.

What exactly is bedwetting?

You may be wondering if this is normal or a form of disorder that can be treated. Bedwetting is basically a type of an involuntary urination during a night sleep. It is a problem that generally affects kids from 0 to 3 years old. In a formal term, it is called as nocturnal enuresis.

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It is definitely normal for children from 0 to 2 to urinate whenever they feel to, and during their sleep. It becomes abnormal if the kid is already 3 or older. The ages 3 and above are actually the right time to train kids to go to the bathroom and urinate properly.

There are also children that still experience bedwet at age 8 to 10. This is rare and uncommon, but somewhat embarrassing for the part of the kids and their parents. They are already growing up and soon to become teenagers.

What can cause children to bedwet?

There are no absolute reasons or causes why younger children experience bedwetting. It is more of a genetic or environmental cause why this happens. A genetic reason is when one or both parents used to urinate in bed during their night sleep. In many cases, children who urinate are due to hereditary.

The most recent study of why bedwetting in children occurs is because of insufficient antidiuretic hormone or AHD. This type of hormone is found out to reduce the production of urine when sleeping at night. It means kids who have low amount of this hormone are likely to produce more urine when sleeping, which is why they involuntary urinate their bed.

Other believed causes of bedwetting include illnesses. It may be linked due to urinary tract infections or UTI. Children can sometimes have this infection, which may cause them to urinate in bed while sleeping. If not infection in the urinary tract, it can be an intestinal worm infection. Another illness that can cause kids to bedwet is sleep disorder.

In a more rare occasion, kids can bedwet when they are emotionally stressed. It may be due to a family problem, such as parents divorcing. It may be personal or peer issue, like when they are bullied.

How to treat or prevent bedwetting in children?

Bedwetting can be treated in different ways depending on the cause or reason behind it. Usually, this stops at a certain time when children are already at the stage of 3 years old or above. You can always go to a doctor for some specific to-do list to help prevent this from happening, especially if your child is already 3 or older.

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If it is a symptom of a particular condition, the best solution is to treat the illness itself. This still requires the child to see a doctor and undergo a physical exam. It needs him or her to take the necessary medication as prescribed by a doctor.

Some natural remedies can help ease and prevent this problem. One is to allow your children to drink lots of water during the day and less at night. They must not drink any liquid anymore an hour before bedtime. To save yourself from washing bedsheets everyday, leave something that can absorb water. It may be a waterproof sheet, plastic sheet, or a separate foam.

I hope these home remedies are going to help you all. If you want to share your experiences, please feel free to drop a comment.



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