Things Made of Newspapers or Magazines

Are you a subscriber of local daily newspapers? Do you buy magazines of different genres and topics? Whether you have a collection of newspapers or a pile of magazines, both of these materials can be recycled and reused for other helpful items. Instead of throwing them into your trash bins or shred them, you try considering reusing them that can provide you other items for your advantage. Here are some useful things that you can make through magazines and newspapers.

1. Newspaper or Magazine Pots

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Like cans, newspapers can be used as pots for small flowers and plants. The process is only easy because you only have to fold newspapers until you can make a pot shape. You can use a can to mold the shape or simply make a box out of that material. Even kids can create pots for plants. That is because the procedure is easy to understand, learn and follow. First, cut newspaper into pieces of any size you like. Use a few cut pieces of newspapers to thicken it. Since newspapers are easily damaged in just one drop of water, pots made out of this material are only used as temporary. Instead of using the black plastic material, better use newspapers.

For a more permanent use, magazines are the ideal type of material you can have. The texture of magazines is obviously thicker than newspaper so this is one alternative you may consider. However, the process of making pots from this material is a little bit harder. You have to fold small pieces and form them like puzzles to create the whole item.

2. Magazine or Newspaper Basket

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Tear as many pieces or pages of magazines or newspapers as you can. For a length of at least a foot with a width of 2 inches, roll or fold it to create a basket. If you have a cutting mat or rotary cutter, it can make the process easier. This is a step by step recycling procedure to create a beautiful basket you can use as a display or a gift box.

Fold each magazine or newspaper piece that you prepare in half lengthwise. Fold it once more but this time in a quarter move, then into eight. This is only a suggestion but you can always choose the width and length that you prefer depending on how large or small a basket you want to make. To complete the process, use staples or glue so each strip of paper is stuck and aligned perfectly.

3. Party Hats

Let’s use magazines than newspapers to make cute party hats. This material is sturdier and thicker so it makes it an ideal one to create such hats for parties. Put 2 to 3 pages of magazines over the head of a child and shape them very gently. Use masking tape in molding the head shape until you are able to create a cone shape and presto! If you want to create beautiful hats, you can simple decorate them with real flowers or even artificial ones made of magazines too.

4. Paper Bags

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You are familiar with bags made of paper. These do not refer to the ones you mostly buy in a local store. Some of them are not actually made of recycled or shredded pieces of paper. So, to help recycled those used magazines, newspapers or other types of paper, make your own paper bags! Instead of buying a paper bag for the wrapping of your gift, simply create your very own colourfully and uniquely designed gift bag.

The first thing you do is to fold strip a piece of magazine into half and another half before you fold it into lengthwise. Make sure each strip is measured correctly such as an inch wide and 12 inches long. Weave all the pieces together, line 6 strips side by side, and tight it securely. Continue weaving the strips until you reach longer inches. After this warmth it with white tape, and cut any excess if there is, then tape it again. Repeat the method twice until you have enough to use. This is one process that is quite a bit daunting to deal with. If you want a much quicker, simpler and easier process, just fold the paper and tape or glue it.

Using newspapers or magazines, you can create other useful things aside from these four samples. In addition, other than newspapers and magazines, you can still use other paper materials including boards and light boxes. Just work with your own creativity and imaginations. Have a vision of what you can do and make out of these materials. It won’t be that difficult to make such unique items from the newspapers and magazines you have bought. You will be surprised just how beautiful you make out of them.



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