The Good and Bad of Red Wine

Some say that red wine is healthy, as many doctors suggest it so. But others believe there are disadvantages as well. How actually true is this, if there are benefits or bad negatives to the health? Let’s find out through the information and facts below.

Red Wine

The Good: Contains Antioxidants

There are three specific compounds that red wine contains. These are usually beneficial to the health of a drinker because they are antioxdiants. Scientifically, they are termed as flavanoids, melatonin, and resveratrol.

Since red wine is made of grapes, this beverage has properties that is able to fight free radicals, which can help prevent having cancer and other diseases. That is what the antioxidant flavanoids do into the system.

The other substance, melatonin, is responsible in keeping skin healthy and young looking. This is an anti-aging compound that actually delays the process of oxidative.

Resveratrol is the other substance present in red wine. This one lessens the amount of LDL cholesterol and calories. It is also able to prevent damage in the blood vessel because its lower the levels of fat and sugar of a person’s body. In fact, it is proven to increase life expectancy.

The Good: Prevents Heart Disease

What most people know is that red wine is good for the heart. Some may still be skeptical about this matter, but this not a plain myth. It is true that drinking red wine can help lower the risk of suffering from heart disease, most particularly coronary. It is also helpful in preventing sudden strokes or increased rate. This is due to the antioxidant resveratrol.

The Bad: Develops Prostate Cancer in Men

One of the bad effects of too much drinking of this beverage is prostate cancer. Men who imbibe a glass of this wine on a daily basis have a high chance of getting cancer in the prostate. That’s why it is suggested to drink less often than a daily glass.

Breast Cancer

The Bad: Increases the Risk of Breast Cancer in Women

For women, breast cancer is something to avoid in relation to red wine. It is not advisable to drink a glass or two of this beverage daily. The risk of developing the disease in women increases from 10 to 20% and that’s quite a huge percentage.


The Bad: Causes Headaches and Allergies

If you are allergic to certain foods and beverages that may cause you to have skin rashes, redness and bumps, red wine is one of the things to stay away from as much as possible. The consumption of this can cause you to have headache or migraine, and allergic reactions.

The Bad: Has Effects on Oral Health

Another bad factor of red wine is that it wears away the enamel of the teeth. It is also able to cause stains due to the tannins. It does can affect your oral health if you drink frequently. But actually, this is helpful to reduce inflammation in the gums.

It is a personal preference to drink red wine, because some like the taste of other types of wine. But those who are more into it should not drink one glass a day. It is best to make it less frequent and just get the essential health benefits as discussed above.



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