The Chemicals and Toxins Present in Carpet Revealed

Carpet is a common item that provides coziness, warmth and elegance in a house. It definitely beautifies the interior design, too. But do you know that this is one of the items that collect more dirt and pollutants? That’s the big disadvantage and it is the truth.

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Indoor pollutions are caused by pollutants that come from the inside of the house. You may not know that you are inhaling bad elements right in your own comfort and humble abode. This is a threat that is not very obvious to some people. Now, that you are reading this, you clearly realize just how you can get suffocated or polluted.

What Toxins are Usually Present in Carpet

Regardless of the texture and fabric, carpet is made of materials that are toxic. These include ethyl benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, toluene, and styrene. When combined, these chemicals are dangerous to the health of humans and pets. Eventually, you will inherit respiratory problems and nerve damage. Any carpet is associated with most senses, including the nose and the eyes. Older carpet have chemicals that have been long banned, but the new carpets still hold some materials that may still be dangerous to the environment and health.

What Additional Pollutants to Get Rid Of

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Aside from the chemicals that are usually present in carpet flooring, the volume of pollutants and hazards is increased. It is a problem for home owners to deal with additional buildup of pollutants. One common example is the dirt from shoes, feet and claws of your pets. Stains from spilled liquid and crumbs of foods are other causes that can lead to pollutants. In fact, even pesticides are one trigger of toxins in your home carpet.

How to Maintain Toxic Free and Cleanliness of Your Carpet

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There is nothing wrong when using carpet in your living room, and placing carpet underneath the bed. Like what is mentioned, this provides extra warmth and coziness, especially during colder days or nights. However, it is a personal home item that requires high maintenance. You need to be diligent enough to take care of your pet. It must be kept new, fresh smelling and clean at all times. To remind you, here are some things you must do to have a clean and toxic-free carpet.

First of all, choose carpet that is easy to clean and light to carry. When cleaning carpet, it is not an easy task because you have to move it outside to clean it, unless you go to a business office that washes carpet or hire a carpet cleaner.

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Placing mats along your doorway is a good help to avoid the buildup of dirt from your shoes or bare feet. Before everyone can enter and indulge in the area where there is carpet, the mat is going to remind them to clean off first. That’s essentially one way to prevent toxins in your carpet.

There must be also a regular schedule of cleaning your carpet. Once or twice a week would be nice. So, apart from the instant cleaning when there is spill or residue spotted, make it a habit to vacuum every inch of the carpet.

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Remember to always use the right cleaning products and tools when washing the carpet. This must is also an important thing to keep in mind so you can assure of the cleanliness of this particular item.

Like other things found in your house, the carpet requires regular cleaning. It is the only solution that prevents chemicals and toxins that may harm your health, your family, your pet, and the environment, in general. From what you’ve learned, be alert of the effects of dirty carpet.



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