The Best Seasons to Save Utility Bills

Winter time is the season where most of the consumption of energy bill heightens. It is where people use the heater more often. It is also where most people find to do things at home, such as using the computer, playing video games, and watching television, because of the weather that may restrict them from doing outdoor activities. So, if winter time is not the best season to start using less electricity, when would that be?

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Spring Season

It is somewhat a sigh of relief to most people when the season of spring starts. It means the weather is sunny and a little warmer, in which you can do normal stuffs outside, except skiing and snowboarding. But what’s really essential when spring time comes in is that you can start consuming less energy. The temperature of this season is usually not too cold or too hot. That implies that you can use the heater or air conditioner in a moderate level. It is also fun to go out and do some things without the use of electricity. That way you are able to save utility bill too.

What other things you can do to cut down your energy bill during spring season? Here are other simple and easy things that can help you use less energy while at home.

1. Be a Quick Cook

When you cook using oven or microwave, it is important to be quick and alert. You do not just want to overcook your own food, but also won’t afford to waste time and energy.

2. Fill in the Refrigerator

The fridge in the kitchen is one of the home appliances that really consume a high amount of energy. Yet, it won’t matter at all if the refrigerator contains lots of foods and drinks in it. When it is filled with several food items and beverages, it helps cool the temperature faster than normal, which apparently save energy.

3. Use Dishwasher

The use of dishwasher, especially an energy-efficient one, is one way to reduce the consumption of utility. When you wash dishes by hand, there is a high tendency to use more water, compared to dishwasher. Plus, the water during spring time may still be a little bit cold, and you may not want that.

4. Set the Thermostat at a Moderate Level

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During the season of spring, the use of thermostat must be taken lightly. You need to know when to use it, how much temperature to set, etc. It is important to turn it off as well when you are away, especially for several hours or days.

Summer Season

When the warm, sunny season comes over, it is going to be about the use of more air conditioner and ice cold beverages. It can be really sweaty to stay outside or at home during summer. So, here are some reminders that help you avoid consuming high energy.

1. Plug in and Unplug Properly

There are more home appliances used during the season of summer. There is the air conditioner, the fan, the refrigerator, the television, the radio, the washing machine, etc. You need to know when to plug in these appliances and electronics, and when to unplug them. Always remember that when appliances are turned off, they need to be unplugged too. For instance, if the television is turned off, but still plugged on the outlet, it still consumes energy.

2. Swim in the Beach More Often

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It takes more than two or three showers in a day before you can say you are satisfied. The heat of this season can be really brutal, which makes you go to the bathtub or shower as often as you can. This can give you also a reason to use more water; hence, heightening the use of utility bill. Since summer is a great time to go out and have fun under the sun, make your way to the beach and cool off there.

3. Use Cold Water for Laundry

Another great way to use efficient energy is to load the washing machine with cold than warm water. It is easier to wash clothes with warm water and rinse them. This enables you to consume less water, and can save at least 4 percent.

4. Replace Filters of the Air Conditioner

It is not an excuse to use the air conditioning unit during the summer season. You really have to be pampered with it while inside the house. Yet, it does not mean that you must just turn it on, set the temperature without being moderate. You can also do one thing that helps save energy. That is to replace the filters of your unit. Once the filters are clogged, it won’t provide enough air, which may lead you to setting the temperature higher. So, to avoid that, change the filters whenever needed.



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