Spring Clean Your Kitchen in a Day

The busiest room in a house is the kitchen. This is where the messiest place, too, and not the bathroom, especially in terms of size. That just means you have more time required to clean your kitchen than any other rooms. When springtime comes, the need to de-clutter and organize is essential. You surely like to have a fresh start during this season, as it inspires you to prepare some healthy, fresh foods.

Washing the dishes and wiping out the table are daily cleaning tasks. This is not what kitchen cleaning is just all about. There are more things you have to do to make sure the kitchen is always and accurately clean. You have to look deeper and for more as much as possible.

A schedule is necessary for the different household chores. Some cleaning jobs are required every day, while others are only once a week or twice a month. As mentioned, the table and dishes have to be cleaned every day, because you and your family members normally dine together during breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you talk about cleaning the refrigerator, pantry and other cabinets, once or twice a month would be ideal. You do not want to remove everything from the kitchen pantry day by day, as that can be really exhausting.

Remember that deep and thorough cleaning is not just removing what’s on the surface. This means de-cluttering things, replacing when necessary, too, and putting on some cleaning solution to ensure germs are eliminated and dust particles as well as stains are removed. This is when you really have to clean each and every corner and edge of the furniture, such as storage boxes, drawers, and closets. The different cooking utensils and dishware may also have to be well cleaned.

To make your deep spring cleaning productive and efficient, have all the tools needed for the job. It would be a waste of time to look for mops, cleaning detergent, vacuum and others if you do not know where they are. What’s worse is if you have a schedule to de-clutter thoroughly in the kitchen and you do not have any tool to use for cleaning. So, you have to ensure everything you need to clean is in place.

Regular cleaning is a basic home maintenance. This allows you to not only remove things that are not necessary or useful. It also enables you to see what must be replaced or fixed. How are you able to know one of the kitchen cabinets has holes that must be patched? Will you be able to see a crack inside the pantry if you do not have to remove items placed in it? Who knows there may be some eggs of cockroaches or spiders that are about to lay and start crawling in the different areas of your kitchen and perhaps the entire house.

Cleaning during the season of spring is somehow comfortable. The reason is plainly because of the weather. It is not too hot or very cold, so this allows you to easily move without getting perspiration or frost bites.

Another reason why it is more recommended to have deep, thorough cleaning on this season is because more insects or pests would come out from your home. Yes, they are certainly hiding for a long time without your idea at all. During the winter, pests usually come into houses for protection from the cold weather, and when it’s over that’s when they go out. This gives you a much easier way of cleaning your kitchen, and gets rid of the things they leave, including bacteria and germs.



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