Sodas – Yay or Nay for Kids

Sodas are certainly sweet, refreshing and tasty. That’s why children do love to drink them and parents have no problem giving that. But do you know there are more bad things about this drink than the number of positive ones that you can think of? You need to read the following list of effects of sodas. Afterwards, you may have a change of heart regarding what you allow for your kids to drink.

1. Contain No Nutrients

Sodas are full of sugar and calories, so no wonder why some kids are obese due to this factor. A bottle of this drink contains not one or two nutrients but zero! There is nothing good that makes soda a nutritional beverage. It is considered a junk that only makes the health of a child, and even adults, less vital.

2. Cause Tooth Decay

Since this is a sugary drink, soda has a factor of giving kids tooth decay. Not to mention that this is made of acid, which can easily lessen the layer of enamel of each and every tooth. As a matter of fact, it does dissolve the enamel within a few minutes. So, imagine the moment your child drinks a large amount of soda for a long period of time in a day and that does not stop within the rest of the week.

3. Suppress the Appetite

Drinking a bottle or a cup of soda, no matter how little the amount it, is enough to make the belly of kids satisfied. It can easily make a young boy and girl full. That causes them to eat less when they are supposed to consume the average serving of meal for lunch or dinner. The result of that is that they are consuming less percentage of nutrients if they cannot eat normal and healthy foods.

4. Make Bones Less Stronger

This beverage has negative effect on bones and one major reason is because of phosphorus. It technically replaces the amount of calcium that the body needs. You know how essential calcium is to every child for their growth and development. They need to consume enough calcium daily. Because of the lack of calcium, a little boy or girl, who is still delicate, is prone to get broken bones easily. It is not a good thing for any child to have less calcium.

5. Have Caffeine

One truth about sodas that most parents know actually is that they contain caffeine. Some parents also know the bad effects of caffeine. These include the suppressing of the normal balance of neurochemistry. Yes, there is a negative impact in the brain development. It also affects the adrenal gland into a high level causing exhaustion, nervous breakdown and stress. Children must still not experience things like that. It definitely makes them less energy or active.

6. Give Diabetes

Another obvious fact about sodas is that it can cause diabetes. In most cases, adults are diagnosed with this condition, but children are no exception. There is a big chance that they can be diabetic when they are used to drinking sodas. You may restrain your kids from drinking this. You can lessen their intake until they can finally give up on this.

7. Make Kids Acidic

Too many sodas can also make your kid suffer from excessive acidity. This can cause inflammation in the stomach and that is painful for a child. It may also affect their studies and pleasure. No other parent likes to see their own kids suffering.

8. Act as a Diuretic

Because of the presence of caffeine, sodas do can make a child feel dehydrated. It is diuretic that surely is not a good thing about this beverage. This is another factor that causes children to become inactive and less energetic.

9. Lead to Aggressive Behaviors

Children are susceptible to be more hyperactive and aggressive in a negative way when they have a large intake of sodas. Scientists and nutritionists found out that the ingredients of sodas, which are phosphorus, sodium benzoate, high fructose corn syrup, carbonated water, and aspartame, are triggering factors of bad and aggressive behaviors. Kids will likely become less tolerant, respectful and polite in this case. No mother or father will even accept that.

10. Cost Money

You do not only harm the health of your kids, but also your pocket. Since there are no good effects of this beverage, it is technically a waste of money. It is much better to shell out money that is more potential to give benefits.

You have learned how dangerous sodas can be to your children. The question now is what can you to do about it? Will you still consider buying bottles of sodas that your kids can drink whenever they want? Or are you convinced to stop giving them anything that can harm their health and well being?

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