Skip the Pills to Sleep Faster

I used to struggle sleeping even after an exhausting day. I cannot explain why, but I do know that I don’t have insomnia, since I didn’t have any problem sleeping before. What I did was researching how to sleep faster the natural way. Taking sleeping pills for me was not a good idea at all so had to find an alternative. If you have difficulty sleeping, here are some suggestions for you to do.

1. Exercise


According to experts, a regular exercise can make you energetic and have a better sleep at the end of the day at the same time. These are benefits of exercising apart from keeping you fit and healthy. If you cannot sleep easily, maybe one cause is because you do not workout on a regular basis. You may need to do that and see yourself if it helps you sleep much faster. It does not have to be a 2-hour workout in the gym everyday, but even mild exercises like jogging can help.

2. Meditate or Try Yoga


Progressive muscle relaxation is recommended by experts as well. This is a technique that helps improve sleeping. It is a way to tense and relax your muscles to eventually make you feel sleepy much easier. You can do a few minutes of meditation or yoga.

3. Fill Your Room with Aromatherapy Scent

Aromatherapy Scent

Some aromatherapy fragrances like rosemary, lavender, and lemon, can make you feel relaxed that stimulates you to easily fall asleep. Experts suggest lavender as a strong aroma that can knock you down to sleep. You need to spray your room with scent that helps do that. You can try soaking in the tub with essential oil before sleep, too. There is also an eye mask with aromatherapy included.

4. Drink Herbal or Green Tea

Green Tea

Before heading to sleep, try drinking a cup of tea. It must be caffeine free since that compound can discourage you from falling asleep quickly. Green and herbal teas have properties that help promote sleep. That’s why the same ingredients are used in sleeping pills and supplements. Instead of taking a tablet or two, just sip a hot tea, which is also beneficial to the health.

5. Avoid Caffeinated Drinks

Whether you drink tea or not, make sure that you avoid beverages with caffeine, like coffee, most especially at night. Actually, caffeine is consumed in the system that can stay for long hours. This can make you feel less tired and sleepy. You must make sure that you stop drinking any caffeine beverages after lunch.

6. Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Nicotine is also a substance that keeps you awake. That said, smoking cigarette or other things with this compound must be including on the list. If you are a smoker, try not to sniff or blow after dinner.

7. Read a Book

Read a Book

Do you remember the time when you were reading a book and a lot of times you yawn? Well, that helps in making you fall asleep. Do not just intend to read a boring book, but make it a habit to do that for 30 minutes or less or more before bedtime. That way when you go to your bed, you won’t have difficulty trying to sleep.

To share you my secret, I usually drink a cup of tea and read a book. In the morning I make sure that I don’t skip my running for 45 minutes. Sometimes, I do yoga, too, but you do not necessarily have to make sessions every day. So, the things suggested above are optional, but trying one or more of those can help you have a better sleep.

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