Simple Don’ts at Home

Convenience is not the only thing every homeowner must have when living in a house. Safety must be also included, but there are times that we overlook on something. Sometimes, we are actually putting danger right in our home. It may also be a factor that cause indoor pollution and unhealthy atmosphere. Here are some reminders of what you must not do to keep your family safe and comfortable at all times.

Do Not Overload the Outlets

Most homes have outlets that only allow two or four cords to be plugged in. There is nothing wrong when they are full, because you may need to cool your refrigerator, switch on the lamp on the countertop and toast some bread in the oven. Overloading is when you put extension cords to more than one of the outlets and plug in almost all of your electronics. It does not only mix cords but also cause danger.

Do Not Install Wrong Windows

One thing that makes a home energy efficient has something to do with the windows. Before even settling, all of your windows must help insulate in the room. It means it has effect in regards to lighting, temperature and ventilation. These windows are not only expected to add efficiency, but also make your house look more beautiful. Therefore, choose energy efficient windows that can match the interior and exterior designs of your home, and the general architectural style of the building.

Do Not Forget to Use Primer

In times of repainting or replacing the color of your walls, always apply a coat of primer first. This is able to seal the surface that can make walls more durable and give a solid bond for the base paint to adhere.

Do Not Use Wrong Tools

When you do some short repairing or room remodeling, the tools and materials to use must be appropriate. If you use the wrong tools, it won’t only delay your time to finish or complete the project, but also cause damages during the process. For instance, if you need to replace the tile floor, directly hammering down or drilling is not ideal. You use a chisel and a hammer instead.

Do Not Try Fixing When You Can’t

There are contractors or professionals who can do some home repair for you. If you are not 100% skilled or sure of what you are doing, just dial the local numbers and have someone more experienced to fix the problem.

One good example is the installation of new electric line. Not all homeowners can do that, but licensed electricians do. Another is plumbing repair, in which it is not only a greasy job, but also complex, that you may only have to depend on a professional plumber.

Do Not Skip to Clean the HVAC Filters

Your HVAC system, which stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, should always be kept clean. You need clean and healthy air, regardless of the temperature. So, do not forget to regularly clean the filters, and if necessary, change the filters with brand new ones.

Do Not Let Bad Odor Spoil the Room

Fumes and other bad odor do not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also cause indoor pollution. These are caused by several factors, which include stains, toxic compounds like paint, and rotten foods. The simple solution is to keep your house clean and fresh all day long. Throw everything that must be dumped in the garbage can. And when you need to apply something toxic, make sure the windows and doors are open to release fumes.

These are simple reminders to every homeowner. They are not too demanding to do, so there is no reason to ignore them.



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