Simple and Fun Weekend Recycling Tasks with Your Kids

The weekend is a great moment to spend time with children. This is an opportunity to create remarkable memories even from the simplest things. If you can do something during the weekend, what else can you think of than being productive? With that in mind, it will be a good idea to teach them some basic recycling. They will learn a lot and showcase their creativity, passion and skills. As a parent, you need to be their inspiration so this one part that you can share to them is going to be awesome. You will also have the good time as there will be laughter from their faces and smiles in their eyes. So, shall we start what you may do with your kids?

1. Plastic Bottles

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Among the mostly used grocery items are plastic bottles. You carry a bottle of water everytime you go out for some jogging. Your kids always have bottles of juices in their lunch boxes. Your husband probably takes some bottles of his energy drinks too. The point here is that the home has a lot of collection of plastic bottles monthly or even weekly. Get your kids, gather all those bottles and make some creative items like a bird feeder, a rain gauge, a mini greenhouse, a pot for small plants, etc. There are just so many things that you can do with plastic bottles! Perhaps, your children may even have an idea of what they want to do and can make.

2. Bottle Caps

Do not forget to take the caps of those bottles too. They can be very useful for other things as well. When you separate them, these bottle caps can be used for some décors and magnets. You can stick them up on plain frames, on a flower vase on the living room table make, or wind chimes for the door of your kids’ rooms. They can even put some creatively designed bottle caps on the refrigerator’s door!

When you create bottle caps for magnets, there are several things to have. These include craft glue, magnetic strips, and any embellishments of your choice. You do not just stick those caps on anywhere you or your kids want them but also design and decorate them to look more personalized.

3. Jars

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Like bottles, jars are also common item found in the house. The jars that packed fresh fruits, mayonnaise, strawberry jam, peanut butter, and other foods, are certainly in the fridge or your kitchen cabinet. Once they are empty you can separate them and use them as table sparkles. These bottle jars can fill in glow in the dark pieces or glow sticks and can shine in a low light conditioned room. Your kids will be very excited to have this kind of additional table display in their room for sure.

4. Paper Bags

Those brown paper bags that you always give to your kids every single day for their lunch or snacks can be recycled. Unless it’s too messy already, paper bag can still be used for some fun. Paint them and decorate them with any other recycled embellishments such as buttons, yarns or paper cut outs from magazines. The outcome can also be used as a room décor or doll to girls.

5. Milk Boxes

The carton of your favorite daily milk is also going to be useful once it is recycled. There are just plenty of items that you can do with milk boxes. Your kids may also suggest of what they want to do with this kind of box. Some of the ideal things that you can do with milk cartons are bird feeder, hamster feeder, or pots. Just make sure to thoroughly clean milk cartons so not a single ant is going to feel cozy and comfortable in it.

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All of these five particular pieces are very common household items that we use in many occasions. Make your weekend productive, creative and fun by recycling them. Your kids are surely going to have exciting time doing whatever they want with them. Just decorating them can give so much joy for them and pride for you. It will be one of those priceless moments you and your kids can cherish for years. When they become much older, they’d remember and relive those moments as one of the best that happened in their lives. And eventually, they will do the same when they have their own kids and grandchildren.

The fact that you are teaching them how to recycle some household items is also a great contribution to the environment. Wouldn’t that be awesome as you can do two things at once, which are basically recycling and spending time with kids? I’m certainly sure you do want that to happen. If so, bring out the good news to your kids and you can start this coming weekend!



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