Remodeling Tips – Eco-Friendly Landscaping

The outside surrounding of a house, from front to the back, should remain beautiful. This is what most people see about your home, so it is important to keep it neat, clean and pretty. It is also a place where you can hangout for some fresh air, or play with your kids. That means you need to have a good landscaping. It must not just be a simple landscaping, but a beautiful and eco-friendly one. Here are some useful ideas that you can follow.

Proper Irrigation

One rule of thumb about landscaping is to irrigate the area. Every border and the entire area for gardening should be irrigated properly. You have to comply with the watering and irrigation guidelines of your local community.

First, you have to cover the soil with mulch, which has to be organic, such as leaves, straw and wood. This is a good way to prevent having weeds. It also helps keep the soil moist at all times.

Before you install an irrigation system, choose a good, high-efficiency one and hire a professional installer if you need help. With a reliable irrigation system, it helps you cut down water consumption.

Enough Space for Rainwater Filtration

A yard where you plan to keep it a full landscape and gardening should have a few spaces for pavement. This is to allow enough area for filtration of rainwater. This does not only make the soil moist, but also wipe out chemicals and keep plants healthier.

It also a great idea if you can build a rainwater harvesting system or a greywater recycling system, or maybe both. This allows you to collect extra water and store it for watering plants. You can save some water bills by doing this.

Tree Planting and Garden Decoration

Now, you have to choose plants and trees to have in your yard. It is a great idea to have different types of plants from vegetables to herbs, fruits to flowers. This can make your garden a lot greener, because it does not just naturally beautify your surroundings, but also lets you pick up some food ingredients. You can have tomatoes on one corner, eggplants on the other line, and pumpkins on another. The other side can be an area filled with many beautiful flowers and flowerless plants. For some shade, a tree would be nice to have, too.

In choosing plants, it is vital that you pick ones that easily grow based on the type of soil and climate you have. Do not just randomly select plants for your garden according to your favorite. They have to be specifically adaptable to the weather conditions and ground soil.

Furthermore, you need to do some sketching before you place each and every plant in your home garden or backyard. When landscaping is done, it must give you a proud and happy feeling. This implies that every piece you put in your yard has to make a stunning view. You should know where to put the floral plants and the trees, how long the mown is, etc.


Aside from plants, you can add some things that can beautify your garden and front yard. A little fountain would be nice, while an umbrella between chairs and a table can be very useful during relaxation. It would be a touch of comfort for you and your family members.

Having a beautiful place is what all desire. Your entire home premise has to look fascinating. It means do not just aim for a lovely dining room, or a spacious living room. Do not forget how relaxing it would be to stay outside for some time, also, whether it is in early in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night.



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