Recycling Tips – 17 Things You Can do With Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles of water, sodas, and juice can be used for other things that will surely make you drop your jaws! And I am absolutely not kidding! So, before you dump all those bottles in your trash bin, have them cleaned and make creative items that you can use for a long period of time. Here are 17 ways on how you can transform plastic bottles into some things more useful.

1. Bird Feeder

Whether you own one or just want to be accommodating to birds in your backyard, a bird feeder that is made out of plastic bottle is very helpful. A medium sized water bottle or a 1.5-liter soda bottle is hanged in the tree filled with bird foods. Create holes and insert a wood spatula, which you may also carve on your own. If not spatula, build a wood tray that you attach at the bottom part of the bottle you hang and drill holes at the end for easy feeding. Either way, any birds can have a taste at any time without direct feeding them.

2. Flower and Plant Pots

You can save money when using plastic bottles as pots for your plants. This gives you more reasons to have plants and make a beautiful garden at home. Some plants are small that they can perfectly fit into the plastic bottles, and they are good centerpiece on tables, too. You may keep the plastic bottles visible or be more creative, such as adding a ribbon tied around it or covering with burlap or fabric.

3. Planters

Plastic bottles can be also re-used as planters of herbs. You can absolutely grow herbs using this recyclable item. You can transfer later once the plants grow.

4. Hanging Vases

Another idea of using plastic bottles that involves planting or gardening is to hang them on the exterior walls, front porch, or trees in the backyard. You may use the whole bottle of a soda and cut the center to fill it with soil and plant. You can also cut the bottom part and hang it vertically.

5. Cloche

To help plants grow quickly and protect them from frosting is to use cloche. You can make cloches out of plastic bottles. You do not have to buy or use anything else.

6. Food Ingredient Containers

In the kitchen, plastic bottles are more useful aside from jars. You stuff them with various ingredients and condiments, like beans, onions, garlic, ginger, and spices, then just seal them for security. Small or cut bottles are also usable for storing candies that you display on the table of your living room.

7. Jewelry and Accessory Organizer

Some jewelry items and accessories are not that expensive, but still you want to keep and use them. While the most genuine gemstones and really costly jewelry items are kept in a box with lock, the others can be displayed on the mirror table. This is when you use plastic bottles again as the material to hold those items. You can leave the plastic bottle container translucent or spray paint.

8. Piggy Bank

Cover bottles with fabric or paper and seal them with the same caps. Just create a little hole that allows you to drop coins and earn some dimes! This is a good piggy bank kids can use as well.

9. Pencil and Pen Holder

With plastic bottles, you can also organize all the pencils, pens, rulers and other school or office supplies you have. This is a great way to keep your things neat and in the same place. Just be creative in making them look better and more stunning to look at.

10. Dishwashing Liquid and Detergent Containers

You may also fill in a plastic bottle, without cutting, with laundry detergent and dishwashing liquids. Some cleaning products are in sachets or packed in boxes, and you can just use your old plastic bottles to store them.

Here are other ideas that you can do with plastic bottles.

11. Noise Maker
12. Gift Packaging
13. Plant Markers
14. Water Floating Devices
15. Light Covers
16. Fish Tank
17. Marble Jar



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