Recycled Christmas Decorations – No Need to Buy

Are you thinking of having some recycled Christmas decorations this time? If you nod your head and answered yes, I wish I could shake your hands, but I can definitely say you are making a great choice! There is a different excitement about decorating your house with recycled materials. Plus, you are able to save money, while the outcome is always better than commercially made Christmas décors, as a matter of fact.

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Christmas is the time to have fun and celebrate, but the enjoyment actually starts during the decorating of your house. Once the home is decorated with it, the spirit of Christmas occurs. This is also the time where all children begin to anticipate special gifts from their parents and other relatives. Many people around the world love to decorate their houses with many beautiful Christmas decors. It is actually the tradition of many people regardless of race, and sometimes religion. You certainly agree with this one, since it’s been your experience even when you were young.

Okay, enough for the good news about Christmas decorations. Let’s briefly discuss about the negative side of this and how recycled Christmas decorations can come to play. Some decorations for Christmas are made from materials that can basically pollute the environment. Others are not eco-friendly at all, or if not they can be highly susceptible to fire. However, there is alternative that can prevent all these from happening, and that is the use of recycled Christmas decorations.

If you consider recycling, which means using used or old materials like plastic bottles, cans, old Christmas tree, old lights, etc can be actually beneficial. Instead of disposing those items, you re-use and make them as decorations. This won’t require you to buy new ones. At the end of the day, you are able to save cash this holiday season and use that for buying extra gifts, or maybe a short holiday vacation soon. Anyway, here are some ideal recycled Christmas decorations that you can reuse to have eco-friendly and budget-friendly holiday stuffs at home.

1. Pots

Pots that have been used can be an ideal Christmas decor in your house. Painting and designing your old pots with amazing colors can make them look new. A pot like this can be used for the Christmas tree. Also, if you have several small ones, you can make Christmas plants displayed on tables, on the side of the windows, and on top of some cabinets or short closets. You are not only helping the earth to reduce pollutions, but also reusing your old pots to become more functional. This is also the best idea if you want to have an oriental look inside your house during the holiday.

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2. Cans

Having a Christmas table is a must, but what it is without the decorations displayed on top. The most practical recyclable item to use is cans. Used or old cans, whether made of tin, aluminum or other recycled materials, can be very useful. You can paint it in red and green, and then paste it with some gold glitters or anything that sparkles to make them look vibrant and colorful. Eventually, table decors can add amazing deal of fun to Christmas dinners too. You can fill those cans with candles, scented ones of course. In fact, there are also candles used last year which you may still light up. This is another way of avoiding spending money, especially if you like to have some candles around the house during your family dinner.

3. Old Lights

Lights are definitely special for Christmas and they do have a great part because they provide glow, which apparently make your house very beautiful. You can find a huge number of selections of light arrangements in any local stores. But to lower your expenses in buying Christmas decorations, you can still use your old bulbs or lights. Just make sure to test the bulbs first before using them as your recycled Christmas decorations.

4. Old Christmas Tree

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Aside from lights, the Christmas tree you used a year ago, or perhaps some years back too, can also be useful again this coming holiday season. If it is still a good one to display in your living room by the window, then do not need to buy a new one. Among Christmas decorations, Christmas is the expensive one. You can absolutely save a lot of money for that. We’ve experienced that a lot of times. The only time we needed a new one was when the branches fall to pieces.

5. Paper Wreaths

Everywhere you go, it is impossible not to see wreaths hanging on the upper part of a door. This is something you cannot miss on Christmas season too. There are different wreaths used and available on the market, but what is interesting and practical is to have those ones made from recycled paper. The old magazines and newspapers you have can be used to make wreaths. This is yet another great way to have some recycled Christmas decorations. In addition, you can watch video tutorial of how to make paper wreaths. They are easy and simple to make, but most importantly fun to do one or more. You can invite your kids and make some wreaths. It will be a fantastic day for all of you.

While everyone is very busy when the Christmas day is approaching, trying to shop and decorate houses, one thing out of tradition that you can do is to collect all those old or used items you have in your house. Think of the many ways you can use them to have some cool and beautiful recycled Christmas decorations like the ones discussed above. Instead of spending time for hours in many days buying Christmas decorations, just have them all in your house. You are even safe and keep your family members around with you. That’s a great way to spend the holiday season with your loved ones even right from the start of decorating your house.



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