Recycle Your Old Tires in 10 Cool Ways

Do you have dozens of tires in your backyard or garage? Are they starting to become a big pile of trash in your premise? Well, before you even think about dumping them, read the following creative and cool ways on how you can recycle tires. You will be surely surprised as to how they turn out. Oh, I bet you definitely will!

1. Planters and Pots

Forget about the pots that are made of clay. Just start cleaning your old vehicle tires and use them as housing of your plants. It is a great idea if you paint those rubber tires with pastel and bright shades. You can also hang smaller tires on a vertical position. Other than being useful and presentable, when you use tires as planters, they provide heat that is very much needed in thriving certain vegetables, which include tomatoes and potatoes.

2. Floor Mats and Rugs

Tires are basically made of rubber and that makes them more useful for waterproof. That’s why if you cut the material of this into stripes or squares and attach them altogether, you can make a floor rug or mat. The texture and durability of tires are the key elements for them to become useful on the floor.

3. Parquet Flooring

Believe it or not, tires are also used as flooring. This is not just DIY project, because it requires technical procedure to create a piece. An industrial business usually does this. They grind the tires to become powder and mixed with other plastic items that can be recycled. After that, they form into flooring that can be installed in a residential house or a commercial building.

4. Playgrounds

Let your kids appreciate recycled materials, too. That is by using old tires as materials to create the happy place of children, a playground! You can easily make a swing hanging in the tree, an obstacle lane, you know like the ones used by military trainees. Your kids, especially boys, will surely like this new area in your backyard.

5. Furniture

This is a very cool item you can have at home or even in the office. Again, it is not a DIY task, because it obviously needs some skill to create one. The furniture to create can be made from strips and cuts of the tire material. Others can be grinded into powder and mixed with other materials that make durable furniture.

6. Bags and Wallets

The next item a rubber tire can offer is a bag or purse. It can also create a wallet. Rubber material is similar to leather in terms of waterproof, durability and flexibility.

7. Jewelry

You can also have several jewelry pieces that are made of tires. Be it a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace. This can be a charm that will complement both casual and formal attires of yours.

8. Belts

Another accessory that you can make and use out of rubber tires is a belt. Like leather material, rubber belts would be so useful. Cut into thin long strips and sew. Design it the way you want it to have a unique pattern.

9. Shoe Parts

It will be also cool to make old tires in making soles for shoes, a flip flop and a sandal. If you have the skills in creating any types of footwear, the use of this recyclable material must not be a problem.

10. Dog House

Lastly but not the least, a rubber material from a vehicle tire is going to be very useful in creating a dog house. This can provide warmth, too, which is beneficial to your pet during colder days and nights. You can use tires as roof shingle, as well as the mat for comfort when taking a nap.

These ten items are commonly used nowadays. If you can use a recyclable material like vehicles tires, you are able to save some money. In addition to that, this is an eco-friendly option, because there is no need to throw those tires, which might cause problems to the environment. Be sure that you store old and broken tires, and make them any of the suggested items listed above.



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