Propagate your Roses with Potatoes

Do you have roses in your home garden? Would you want to have a large bed of roses on your front yard or backyard? The answer or solution to this is to propagate the flowers (roses) using potatoes. That’s right! Potatoes are good ingredients for the process of propagation. Here are easy and very simple steps on how to propagate roses with potatoes.

Step One: Dig a Trench

The part of your garden where you plant roses must be an area where it has shade, probably a big tree or the extended part of the roof of your house. This is to ensure the roses would grow healthily and bountifully. On this same part, dig a 6-inch deep trench with a single vertical side. Then you place sand for a maximum of 2 inches in the trench.

Step Two: Select the Stem of the Rose

Basically, you have to make a choice of the kind of roses to have in your garden. Is it a red rose, yellow rose, orange rose, pink rose or a mix of different roses? Whichever you pick, each and every stem of the roses should be as thick as a pencil and at least 6 inches (1 foot) to 9 inches long. Stems to plant and propagate must be straight and fresh as well.

Step Three: Remove Leaves and Thorns

After cutting the stems and before planting them, remove all the leaves and thorns. Only half of each stem, the bottom part, must be cleared. However, you may choose to remove every leaf and thorn of the entire stem only if you want to,f since they can grow in time.

Step Four: Stick into the Potatoes

The next thing you do is to stab a small, beautiful potato with the rose stem. Do that to every stem of your choice of roses. The purpose of this type of propagation is to keep the cuttings or the stems moist while they develop roots on the ground.

Step Five: Plant

The last step of this process is to plant all of your rose stems. Yes, with the potatoes, too. The cuttings must be 6 inches apart from each other to have enough room. When they are placed, bury them with the right soil and add some fertilizer. Do not forget to water the bud of rose stems right after you plant them. Of course, you have to water your flowers regularly to ensure they grow and blossom as you expect them to be.

As you can see, each of these steps is easy and simple to follow. It is not a difficult thing to propagate roses with potatoes after all. For that reason, your roses will be well taken care of. Every gardener would love to have a beautiful and blossoming garden, especially if you like to have some colorful roses. So, if you have the plan to build a bud of roses, follow the suggestions on how to propagate the flowers with fresh, small potatoes.



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