Plants Easy to Grow and Nurture

Growing plants is one of the hobbies of most mothers, or women in general, especially those who have more time in the house. There are also some women who like plants and love to have a little garden in the backyard of their home. Whether you are a housekeeper or an office worker you know very well that you have the passion of growing plants.

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It is such a nice thought to get some edible plants in your own surrounding and cook them for your meal. It provides you a sense of pride and a different joy, which can motivate you more to enjoy your food. Plus, the fact that they are plants that contain lots of nutrients, you can easily make a healthy diet on a daily basis. Here is a list of herbs and vegetables that you can nurture in your own yard.

1. Garlic

A very common herb that is used in many dishes is garlic. This is considered as a herb but also essential as flavoring for different kinds of foods. Other than its flexibility to use as additional ingredient, garlic has many health benefits. It is known to prevent and treat various conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and fungal infections. It can also be powerful to reduce blood pressure. The fresh clove of garlic is basically used for medicine. Another fact is that garlic is used as food additive that can prevent food poisoning. It has properties that kill bacteria, including E. coli. As you cannot be really scientist or physician, with this garlic, you can be a home gardener. This is easy to plant, grow and nourish. You wouldn’t need a lot of space of soil either. You can place one clove on a single pot and have a dozen of it. After a few weeks of thorough care then you can have bountiful garlic which you can add to your daily meal.

2. Basil

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Another easy to plant herb is basil that can be used in different foods. Generally, this is used as seasoning and flavoring of a variety of dishes. There is property that makes it taste like peppermint. As a matter of fact, the pointed leaves of this plant are used to become peppermint. The good thing about this herb is that it can be added to any dishes. For its benefits, basil is an excellent source of vitamin A, iron, calcium, potassium, beta carotene and flavonoids, which are good components that can protect the body cells and chromosomes from damages. They may be a little ingredient to add on some dishes but the health advantages are highly essential. So, why not also include your garden with some lines of basil herbs?

3. Chives

Add next to your line of garlic and basil is some chives as well. This is herb that belongs to the onion family, which means it’s an edible plant that is easy to grow. The best thing about chives is that it is available all year round! It is not a seasonal type of plant that you can only take as additional ingredient to your dishes for some short period of time. To add that, this herb is a good match to many common foods, which include potatoes, salads, soups, fish, and eggs.

4. Carrots

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Carrots are all-year round plants too that you can add to your home garden. Though it’s pretty much available all throughout the year, this plant is more favorable and fresh during the summer or fall season. This vegetable is a favorite food for many people, including kids as well. A few carrots can be chopped and diced to add on the spaghetti, soup, or a luscious cake. Because you can make a lot of foods with this plant, carrots are definitely a good plant to have in your own backyard. When you harvest your carrot plants, you can make food daily and absorb all the nutrients and antioxidants, which include beta carotene. With all these health advantages, this plant is a good prevention and treatment against cardiovascular disease and cancers.

5. Beets

Beets are also a good root plant that can make you feel proud of your garden. This plant is not only edible to eat raw but also provides lots of vitamins and minerals. It has detox support, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can prepare beets with some seasonings and then you can have a healthy meal. You won’t even need a lot of ingredients if you consider having beets to your diet.

6. Bell Peppers

One of the top alkaline foods is the bell pepper. With its crunchy taste, bell peppers are used as additives in many dishes. They are not spicy, sour or quite sweet so they are friendly to kids too. What’s more interesting is that this kind of plant is easy to grow and nourish in your own backyard. That’s why this one is also included on this list of suggested plants that you can add to the home garden. To add more of the reasons why you must plant bell peppers is that it contains lots of nutrients that are beneficial to the health. Among those advantages included are vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids which include lycopene and beta carotene. Cooking with this ingredient is even easy because you only have to chop or dice it. You do not necessarily have to “cook” to eat it because it can be taken as is after a careful cleaning.

7. Tomatoes

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Lastly but not the least, tomatoes can make a beautiful home garden too. This is not only a delicious, watery piece of food that you can add to many of your favorite dishes but also very effortless to grow. Tomatoes are actually one of the plants that are simple and easy to nourish because they grow so fast. It also provides plenty of health benefits, which include lycopene. You can make sauce or puree made of tomatoes or fresh-cleaned sliced tomatoes to add to your green salad.

All these seven foods are plants that are easy to manage in the home garden. You can have small garden of edible plants in your backyard where it is easy to access food ingredients for your daily diet. Not only they become useful for consumption or satisfaction to your belly, but also good foods that can optimize your health.



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