Non-Toxic Face Paints – Friendly for Children and Teens

The skin of kids is more delicate than teens’, and especially adults’ skin. That is why when it comes to face paint, it is important to know the right and the best material to use that won’t jeopardize the skin of children. Other than that, most parents are choosing an option that is able to save money and somehow protect the environment. With that said, non-toxic paints are the ideal product to choose.

No Harmful Chemicals

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Face make-up or paint is not a new item anymore. You see some fans in the soccer game with paints on their faces. You watch dancers with glitters and paints on their cheeks. When you need the same thing for your kids, be sure to choose the non-toxic paints, which are usually labeled on their cans. That means you must not choose acrylic paint, as it is not designed for the skin. The fact is that it contains harmful chemicals that cannot only provide allergies and damage skin, but also pollute the environment. Also, avoid metallic glitter because, once this contacts the eyes of your kid, it can cause irritations, aside from skin problems.

Cleaned Hands and Face

Before applying paint on your kid’s face, your hands should be cleaned first. You do not want to transfer any germs from your hands to the face of your own child. So, to prevent infection or irritation, you better make sure to wash your hands with soap and rinse properly. In addition to that, have the face of your boy or girl cleaned too. If most possible, your child must have showered or bathed, and dressed for whatever the occasion is, so it is easy to apply the paint.

Tools All Ready

Before making the session, be sure that all of the materials to use for face painting are all set. Take note that brush is thoroughly clean, paints are non-toxic, a towel is ready, and other tools needed. Not any single of them must cause allergic reaction, like rashes, on your child’s skin.

Simple Instructions

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It is also essential to tell your kid what he or she needs to do during the face painting. He or she must keep still and behave to ensure that you won’t miss the mark. Otherwise, you can accidentally paint the nose, the lips, or worse, the eyes. This is another important thing to keep in mind to avoid risk and accident. It may only take awhile to do this, but being still may be a long time for small children. As you give instruction, have the patience to do this entire session, too.

Comfort and Easiness

Be sure that you are comfortable with your position when painting the face. Likewise, have your child sit properly and comfortably. There must be comfort to start and finish this task. Wherever you do this thing, it is also necessary to have enough ventilation. Both you and your child must be comfortable, especially that he or she needs not to sweat. It can easily erase and ruin the paint you are trying to finish.

Clear Face

Regardless of the reason or occasion, when it is over, quickly remove the paint on the face. Although it is non-toxic, it is still advisable to remove is as fast as possible. Have the right kind of cleaning products to use, which are common anyway. These refer to warm water, gentle soap, and towel. When cleaning, you gently wash off the face paint. Avoid rubbing the towel on the face of your son or daughter, to avoid redness and irritation, too.

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Remember these simple points when dealing with face paints. Your child may need to render a dance presentation, a role playing drama, a cheerleading demo, or maybe a costume for a kids’ party. As you spend a short, but sweet and quality time with your kid face painting him or her, it would be more fun if you get comfort. But what’s important is that you use an eco-friendly and chemical-free face paints. At the end of the day, there is nothing to lose, especially that you can find them in any local stores without having to shell out a huge amount of cash.



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