Natural Ways to Fight Flu and Cold

We can never say when we can get cold and flu. We cannot also feel confident that we can prevent it. This is a virus that can happen to anyone at anytime. If you feel tired, feverish, foggy headed, coughing, and achy, you certainly have flu and cold. Other than itchy throat and runny nose, those are common signs that indicate the presence of virus that causes cold and flu.

The body tends to become weak, which makes it more prone to get flu and cold. That is why doctors always recommend and remind us to eat plenty of healthy foods, which are vegetables and fruits, drink healthy beverages, and take prescribed vitamins.

Although this condition is common, there is always a way to cure and fight it. Taking medicines for flu and cold is important. This helps prevent your cold and flu to become worse, and of course, to get cured in just a few days. Other than medicinal procedure, there are natural solutions to fight this health condition. Here are some of the things you can do to help quicken the treatment of cold and flu.

1. Blow Your Nose

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Blowing your nose very often is very essential and helpful if you have cold. Otherwise, the mucus will run back to your head and it will be stuck in your sinuses causing frequent headache and watery eyes. Be sure to blow your nose properly and gently, so you won’t have earache. The proper way to blow your nose is to press one of your nostrils with your finger and gently blow it to clear the other one. It is suggested that you use a handkerchief or a soft thin fabric. As much as possible, avoid tissues as they contain powder that can worsen your condition. Also, to avoid contamination and spreading the virus, wash your hand after blowing your noise.

2. Take Plenty of Rest

Having enough rest is a proper way to soothe your sick body and feel much better. Even if you do not have cold or flu, but to prevent it, you must take time to rest as much as possible. Sometimes busy schedule and hectic work can weaken your immune system, which causes you to more susceptible of certain illnesses, such as cold and flu. Take note that one of the natural remedies against cold and flu is to take plenty of sleep or rest.

3. Drinking Lots of Water

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This is one other essential thing to do if you have flu and cold. It can make you feel a lot better as it helps lessen phlegm and mucus. Although plain water is good for this condition, you can also make it into a tastier drink. You can infuse water with fruits, such as oranges, berries, and watermelon. You may also blend any fruits together with cold water. Actually, fresh fruit juices are very healthy and useful treatment for flu and cold. Remember that vitamin C is what you really need to cure the virus.

4. Have a Hot Shower

Hot Showergagstreet

If you are suffering from cold and flu, you likely feel shivers. To ease from this discomfort, it is best that you take a hot bath or shower. You can also add essential herbs or oil, like lavender, rosemary, and bergamot, in your bath water. This is a good solution that can make you feel a lot better, especially before heading to bed.

5. Gargle with a Mouthwash Liquid

Mouthwash LiquidKyoto Song

Another useful tip to do if you have flu and cold is to gargle with your mouth. The phlegm in your throat that’s causing sore throat can be fast relieved when you gargle. It can help moisten your throat that provides a temporary relief or full cure. Be sure that your water is warm and mixed with salt. Gargling with honey can also help. Likewise, you can always try any effective commercial mouthwash liquid.

These natural ways are helpful in preventing and treating cold and flu. They must be also practiced aside from taking medicine that is prescribed by a doctor. It is much better if you do certain things that help quicken the treatment of this health condition.

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