Keep Your Sink and Toilet Shiny

Sink, from both the kitchen and the bathroom, and toilet are two of the amenities at home that need regular cleaning. Actually, both of them must be daily washed. There are specific cleaning tips to make them look spotless and shiny. Here are quick cleaning tips to keep in mind.

For the Sink

Scrub Thoroughly

1. Scrub Thoroughly

Dirty sink is caused by a lot of things. Usually, the grimes and stains from foods, beverages and also soap when washing hands. Sometimes, rust can also build up stain that can still be removed. To ensure all of these particles are removed, scrubbing is recommended.

Scrubbing every inch of the sink is a sure way to free stains and other grimes. First, squirt an amount of dishwashing liquid to a bowl filled with warm water. Use a non-abrasive brush or wire brush to scrub the area. This should be finished in 3 minutes.

2. Clean Right Before and After Washing Dishes

This may be a little daunting but cleaning it before you start washing the dishes is a healthy habit. How can you assure you are fully keeping off germs and bacteria on the dishes if you do not even clear out the sink? A few brushes or scrubs are recommended. Also, after you wash the dishes, clean the sink as well to remove soap residues and other particles.

Sink Clean

3. Bleach to Leave the Sink Sparkling

Many homeowners are not just satisfied with clean sink. They also want to make sure they have shiny sink at all times. Well, the only thing you need to do is to bleach it. The best technique is to soak paper towels in a bowl of bleach of your choice. Place the towels covering the sink and let it sit there for 20 to 30 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with the tap water and the gleam effect you expect should be visible.

4. Use Natural Solutions

Other than dishwashing liquid and bleach, you can opt for a much greener and eco-friendlier solution. The juice of lemons and vinegar are very effective natural cleaners. They can be applied on your kitchen sink. You must try doing this once or twice a week, or maybe more, just to keep the sink clean and green.

Unclog the Drain

5. Unclog the Drain

One last thing to do when washing the sink is to remove any debris, such as food, grease, soap and hair, out of the drain. You can simply use a stick to keep it free of clogs. To fully treat it, pour boiling water, scrub the drain and rinse with the running water.

For the Toilet

Ring Pad Remover

Use Toilet Ring Pad Remover

There are many brands of tools for toilet cleaning that you can use. One of the cleaners is a toilet ring remover pad. It is designed for toilet so there is a handle with a special pad attached. You simply brush the area with stain or ring to remove it. It is best if you pour essential toilet cleaning solution on the bowl as you scrub. To rinse it, simply flush down and that’s it!

It is recommended to keep your toilet and sink not only clean but also look shiny. The cleaning tips discussed above are the things you have to do to get that outcome.



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