Keep Your House Green and Safe While Away

It is not a bad idea to spend some days in a new place for vacation. You surely need some time off and deserve a relaxation. But do not just leave your home without securing everything. After this wonderful vacation on a beach or a city filed with historic and cultural sights, you still have to go home and live in the same place you call your house. Who would not be thrilled if a person gets home from an enjoyable escapade and find out his house has a break-in?

1. Never Publicize Your Vacation or Out of Town Plans

The only people who may need to know where you are going are your family relatives and close friends that you can trust. It is never a good idea to showcase your vacation in the Caribbean or a business meeting in another town on any social networking sites. You sure do want all of your friends on Facebook to know that you have a wonderful vacation so far, but be patient and just do that after you get back home.

2. Inform a Trustee about Your Out of Town Trip

Whether it’s a vacation or a work related trip, it is best that you assign a person to check up on your house once in a while. You may have a neighbor across that street that you can trust and have the time to see if someone suspicious may walk to and fro, and stand in front of your premise. This can alert the person for some potential home break in.

3. Put Signs On

Do you own at least one dog? That’s great, but you know you cannot just leave your pet alone while you are away for more than one day. You certainly have to let someone take care of your dog in that case. Yet, dogs are a good and effective against possible thieves. So, what you need to do is to make a fake sign that says, “Beware of Dogs”. This cannot only make people think you are home, but also have the sense that dogs in that house are aggressive and can be dangerous. That will shove people away, including home intruders.

Also, if you leave your dogs behind closed doors, the tendency is the creation of mess around your house. You do not want to come home seeing your furniture has been damaged into pieces, and kitchen appliances are all over the floor and broken.

4. Clean Your Surroundings

Pruning your bushes and plants has two advantages. First, it prevents intruders from hiding from it. The second is that it eliminates a messy landscape or garden in your house.

Another thing to importantly remind yourself is the trash. Make sure all the bins are empty and must be stored inside your garage for awhile. If people notice that your garbage cans are empty for 2 days, they may start to think you are away for more than a week. This can motivate them to break in and find something valuable in your house.

By the time you get home, you do not have to worry about some things you leave behind. It will not be a good feeling to have fun and excitement during your vacation, but then go home with lots of things to do.

5. Close All the Curtains

Before you leave, make sure all curtains in each and every room are covering the windows. This helps in preventing people from peeping through your windows and knowing what’s inside your house. Some may already notice there is no person in the house, but then it can disinterest them if they do not see anything. It is still a safe move, don’t you think?

6. Install Security Cameras and Sensors

One very important to keep in mind to secure your house whether you are away or not is to have security system. Cameras that capture clear images with high quality audios are very much common nowadays. Sensors and other alert systems are also helpful. You need to install a security system that you can remotely monitor wherever you are through the Internet or on your mobile phone.

7. Lock Doors and Windows

It is also basic to lock up your house from front to back and side to side. Every window and door of your home must be secured with locks. It is better that you change and double your locks, because some thieves are professional who have the time and patience to premeditate their burglary.

Your house is the best and last resort regardless of where you are going for a few days or weeks. Do not just leave it behind without securing everything. It is always a must to take care and protect your belongings. That said, follow the suggestions and tips as provided or discussed above.



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