Is Sitting for a Long Time Dangerous?

Trying to finish work in the office can consume several hours. Blogging at home is the same thing. It sounds like your body is relaxing though your mind is really getting all the stress and pain, right? Well, the truth is that the body is more at health risks. Yeah, you can feel neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, but those are just on the surface. There are worse consequences that you will reap in the long run.

What you will learn below are the bad effects of long-hour sitting, which are mainly risks of the health. At the end of this, you will also identify some ways to prevent those possible risks. There may just be a solution if you are used to sitting for hours.

1. Abnormal Blood Circulation

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This is one of the major disadvantages of sitting for long hours. It affects your pelvic area and lower limb area. Your weight affects the hip area and its surroundings because of the pressure cause by sitting. This can lead to abnormal blood circulation, which may also cause other kinds of major health problems. Actually, our body is very sensitive in a sitting position that mainly affects the circulation of blood.

2. Cardiovascular Disease

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Your heart is also at risk when you sit for too long in a day and if it’s habitual for several days a week. The heart gradually becomes weak that can be susceptible to sudden stroke or disease. It is not a good condition as it can hit at anytime, which is very dangerous. A lot of cases of this is due to inactiveness, by the way.

3. Extra Body Fat

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It is a shocking news, I know, but this is true. Long hour sitting can give you extra pounds or fat. Some people think that it helps reduce fat but it is not the other way around. The excess fat in a person’s body when sitting is formed to the waist area. It is essential to get rid of this factor because it will also lead to have high blood pressure, or worse, heart attack.

4. Digestive Problems

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The food that you eat is the fuel needed by your body for energy. Any food needs to digest, but when you sit right after a meal, your digestive system starts having difficulty digesting others that are not yet fully processed. This may also cause dehydration, adding more problems other than digestive issues.

5. Hemorrhoids

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One cause of hemorrhoids is long hour sitting. In fact, it is the primary factor in most cases. This is a health condition that gives you lumps around the anus that can be itchy and painful. It would be not comfortable to sit if you have this kind of issue. No one will like to be in that awful situation at all.

6. Cancer

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Believe it or not, cancer can also happen due to sitting for frequent long hours. This condition is one of the most serious and very critical causes of deaths in the whole world. As you all know already, cancerous cells are uncontrollable that can affect and spread to other parts of the body to form malignant tumors. It is not easy to treat as well and it takes some time before a patient can be free completely from cancer.

Due to some circumstances, a person cannot avoid sitting for many hours, but the good news is that there are certain things to do to prevent the health risks that are compiled above.

First, you must make an effort to stand several times to battle the long hours of sitting. Put the candies, office supplies, and other things in the office away from your desk so it will force you to stand when you need to gram them. Secondly, make sure that you regularly exercise as this is one primary way to combat any illnesses. Of course, eat the healthiest foods to reduce the risk of certain diseases and infections. Though you have more than the average time sitting, if you do these things, there is a big chance for you to not get any of the bad effects.



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