Is Hair Blower Safe to Use?

Hair blower, also known as hair dryer and blow dryer, is a common tool found and used in salons. They use this tool to make the hair dry much easier after being rinses with water. Even individuals, especially the ladies, use this dryer in their homes. Since this is not new anymore, many experts have studied and proven that hair blower or dryer does not always provide good effects. Is there any disadvantage of using hair dyer?

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There is absolutely nothing wrong in using this product for the hair. You do not have to be professional or have hair expertise to use it. But it is important that you read the instructions on how to dry your hair using this blower. If it is your first time, get familiarized on its features. You may need the help of someone who has more experiences to guide you.

Like other personal stuff, hair dryer is prone to dust. The next time you use it the dust accumulated is transferred to your hair, which is not good. That’s why before you use it, ensure that it is clean and dust free everytime. Some strands of hair may be also stuck in it and you have to get rid of those.

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If you have children and you let them use a hair dryer, always make a caution. It is necessary to post safety measures and never allow younger kids to dry their hair on their own. Normally, hair dryer can become hot and it might irritate the scalp. There is a tendency that the scalp or hair gets burned. Children cannot tolerate the heat. Plus, it can damage the hair in general, which is one disadvantage of hair blower.

Since hair dryer is plugged in an outlet, it is not recommended to use it around or near water. It is dangerous as there is a big possibility that you can encounter electric shock or worse than that, that may cause sudden death. However, there is some hair dryer that is made to prevent electrocution, and it is best to opt for that. Another key prevention is to avoid using it in your bathroom.

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In addition, the hair dryer you get must be free from electromagnetic field. Scientists have found out that people who are highly exposed to electromagnetic fields are more prone to having cancer. But that doesn’t mean that people should avoid using this product. Just choose a much safer type of hair dryer. Remember that not all hair drying equipment is made of high quality.

To conclude the information given above, the use of a hair blower should be taken with caution. It is important that you need to be aware of those possible accidents or anything that may harm you from blow drying your hair. If this is somewhat a serious matter, the bigger the deal is when it comes to children using it. But as far as kids’ safety is concerned, supervision is required.



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