How Water Pollution Affect the Marine Life

Isn’t it fun to swim in the water with your kids especially if they’re still younger? Is it romantic to be on a yacht waiting and watching the sun to set with your sweetheart? Is it fun and adventurous to scuba dive and see what’s deep in the water? Certainly, at least you agree with one of these questions. Most people like being in the water and children do love to see new species even if they are only on pictures.

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The reality is that it’s the humans who are responsible to take care and preserve the marine life. It’s sad that some people forget just how important sea creatures are and all body of water in general. As a result, there are more people who won’t really care at all. What’s worse, they become the cause of problems instead of the solutions. Who throw debris and plastic materials in the water? Who make the crystal clear, blue water become pale blue?

Environmentalists, including myself as a writer and supporter to protect the environment, do not mean that people should stay away from the water ever. It does not mean that there should be no boats, yachts and kayaks floating on the surface of the water. It does not mean that swimming is already banned. It does not mean that you cannot snorkel, wakeboard, or scuba dive anymore. There are still acceptable fun and incredible things you can do in beaches, lakes and rivers. However, the things government and environmentalists want us to do and stay away from is all based on common sense and natural instincts. It’s all about thinking that everywhere you go is your property which you need to protect, and keep clean at all times. That way you would be aware of what to do and what not to do.

Before we unveil ways to help save the water, let’s first discuss the effects pollution can give to marine life.

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For many years, the oceans as well as rivers and lakes have become sewage dumps by people. From clothes to plastic materials, people consciously and unconsciously dump things that can destroy the beauty and essence of bodies of water. Yes, some people may not be aware they are damaging the ocean, river or lake. However, it is not also too bad to be mindful if the action of every person does justice to the environment. For example, everyone knows that non-biodegradable can produce pollutions, both water and air, because of their toxic and chemical materials that damage the health and the environment. They also know that they have to be dumped properly to recycle and reuse.

However, some individuals usually won’t do the right thing by throwing them anywhere until eventually dumped in water because of the force of nature. Even a small placement of things, let’s say dump in the biodegradable cans instead of the non-biodegradable, can give an impact and cause pollution. Others are just not welcoming and embracing the importance of protecting the environment. That just makes things worse until all are accumulated and the marine life become a waste.

To give you an idea why this topic is such a big deal, about two-thirds of the world’s body of water is already endangered. There are three major reasons why this happen. First, like what’s just mentioned above, all trash, containing toxins and chemicals, can cause living things in the water to become difficult to breathe. In other words, they won’t live longer because of unhealthy water. Another reason is that some creatures would think the materials thrown in the water are food. They can be killed instantly as well in just one bite. Lastly, one cause of why water is polluted is because the toxins alone can harm the marine life.

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What should we do to save the water and protect the living things in it? Do we need to spend some of our time to go to the water and remove wastes? Well, not particularly like that since there are groups by governments around the world and organizations that do that. What we can only do are the simplest and easiest ones. That way, we won’t have any reasons or excuses to not to them. Yes, we don’t need to invest a lot of time and financial resources just to help save the marine life or water.

1. Wear the Right Clothes

Most people like to swim in beaches, rivers and lakes. They can wear swimsuits and other beach wear. For some women, bikinis may not be appropriate or comfortable enough so they end up wearing tank tops. There’s nothing wrong with that but the fabric must be at least nylon, polyester, or spandex. Cotton is acceptable but for some reason it can actually absorb water. If you wear t-shirt that is made of 100% cotton, I think that’s not a good idea at all. For once, just wear polyester, spandex or nylon. Besides, you have to help save the marine life, isn’t it?

2. Separate Biodegradable from Non-Biodegradable

If you live near the beach, make sure you have your own waste storage for both biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Every waste you throw has to be dumped in the right garbage can. All of your family members must also be instructed to do the same and dump things properly. If you are not residing close to the beach, but you do go to the nearest beach, or even in lake and river, collect your own trash and dump them at the right storage. If it is possible that you can take it home and throw it, then do so. Just stop throwing anything in the water unless it’s fish food. In addition, do not throw in the sand as it can be washed away to the ocean or at the bank of a river.

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3. Pick Up Trash that Does Not Belong to You

Another thing, yes simple and easy thing, you can do is to pick up trash and throw them at the right place. This means that if you see things that are in the sand or even in the water, have the initiative to pick them up. At least, the good gesture starts from you so there’s nothing to lose. That way you can let others see what you’re doing to help save the environment.



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