How Tree Planting Can Change the World

Trees are very important as they make the eco-system balanced, and with several advantages, they play a vital role in the community, and generally to humans and animals. For many years, the earth encountered many ecological issues and trees have something to do with most of them. Sad to say, that many of us are not aware of the importance or advantages of trees in the society and to the environment.

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One of the common cases that make the earth prone to natural catastrophes is the inadequacy of trees. Illegal logging and continuous tree cutting are usually the main causes of some aftermath disasters on earth. They result to landslide and flash flood, which have given terrible nightmares to some people from different parts of the world. But still most local government give warning about illegal logging and there is a penalty of doing so. Some organizations, both local and international, also promote the advantages of trees and rebuke logging.

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Changing the world to a much better environment involves the preservation of trees. Yet, of course, it always starts with the right attitude in order to help solve earth’s problems like this topic. With that said, the simple solution every individual can make it so to start planting more trees.

Planting trees on the mountains or in any place without houses and buildings can be a great help to the environment. We do not only make the earth greener but also help prevent pollution and some common catastrophes. With your help, you can contribute to the earth’s survival and make a real change to your local community, and also to the world.

Did you know that trees provide clear oxygen that is released to the atmosphere? Trees are a good source of oxygen, which is why we, people, and animals breathe fresh air. Besides, we need to combat polluted air with new and healthier one, so trees can help us give what we need. So, just imagine what fraction is reduced when we have fewer trees in our own society.

Trees also have the ability to hold the earth’s soil and this is a good way of preventing soil erosion. It reduces the rise of water on the ground, hence, prevent the occurrence of flood.

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Aside from these, trees can also add beauty and grace to our place. They have different color of leaves from season to another. They bloom with flowers and fruits, but generally, they provide tranquillity, and relaxation.

So, make way positive actions to save the earth from air pollution and other horrific natural catastrophes. Start planting a tree and make a difference for the world we live in.



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