How to Throw a Kids’ Eco-Party

How to host a children’s environmentally-friendly party in your home or in any good place that is ideal for your kid and his or her invited friends? Most kids are not picky in regards to party themes, because their mind is racing about the games, food, and fun in general. Any kind of party theme won’t be an issue, since kiddy themes vary from their favorite cartoon characters to movie characters, and toys to nursery rhymes. You may have a wide imagination in preparing and hosting a party for kids, but the important matter is to make an eco-friendly gathering. Here are the following ideas how to make fun, memorable and eco-friendly party.

Prepare Decorations Made of Used or Non-Toxic Materials

There are lots of good renewable or recycled materials that you can make as decorations for the party. Many colorful and beautiful materials, such as newspapers and magazines, plastic bottles, old curtains and bed sheets or blankets, to use from your own house. The point here is to make sure you choose biodegradable and non-toxic materials like garlands, rice paper lanterns, and Japanese, Manila or crepe paper. You can also opt to reuse your fabric table linens, and place all their old toys as decorations on top of tables or have them hanging in the ceiling.

Make Personalized Invitations

Invitations for your kid’s party are basically the first thing you need to do. While this is not hard to deal with, you can make a stylish and colorful invitation cards. But you can also have eco-friendly invitations, so you still follow the kind of party you want for your kid.

It only requires simple steps on how to make an eco-friendly invitation. First, prepare a cardboard or other reusable paper, wherein you can write the place, time and the name of the recipient, who you want to join and celebrate the party. If the theme is about a particular character, you can simply have stickers on or print some and glue on the paper. You basically just need to cut, write or print and you are able to finish cheap and customized party invitations.

Serve Vegan and Healthy Foods

While most kids look forward to eating some spaghetti with meatballs and cake, this eco-party must consists of healthier foods. You can still prepare some spaghetti, but instead of the usual ingredients of pasta, choose vegetable-based pasta. Some sandwiches with filling that is mixed with chopped vegetables and tuna or chicken are not a bad idea, as well. For the cake or cupcake, you can have vegetables as the main ingredients, such as carrot cake instead of chocolate cake, or pumpkin cake rather than cheese cake. For the beverages, you may prepare fresh fruit smoothies, and not the typical artificially flavored juices.

Conduct Safe and Educational Games

Games are actually what most kids are expecting when they go to a party. It is a nice technique to make each and every child enjoy the party. To make sure you are still having an eco-party, try games that can enhance their intelligence or memory. Some of the ideal games that you can initiate are scavenger hunting with clues, matching cards, word hunt, and world puzzle.

Seize the Day and Have Fun

As you throw a safe and eco-friendly party, you, your kid, and all his or her friends can have enjoyable time, and amazing memories. Regardless of the theme, food to serve, and games to play, having fun is what you need to keep in mind. Everything is going to be worth it if you manage to enjoy the company of each other.



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