How to Sleep Good without Snoring

Do you get complaints from your partner about you snoring at night? Or perhaps, you know someone who snores occasionally or more frequently?

Snoring is embarrassing and annoying, which makes it a serious condition that must be avoided. Most people think this is something biological that cannot be treated. The truth is that there are ways to avoid or stop snoring. Here are things that you need to do or share to people you know who usually snore.


1. Sleep on Your Side

It is not advisable to sleep on your back. This makes your soft palate and base of the tongue to collapse to your throat’s back wall. When that happens, snoring comes in play. So, if you position your body on your sides to sleep, you won’t disturb your partner.

2. Keep Your Nasal Passages Open

When the nasal passages are closed, snoring occurs. In a case where you have cold, the nose is basically clogged. The best solution is to rinse the nose by showering through warm water. You can also opt for water with salt to rinse your face and nose. This helps prevent snoring as any blockage is removed from the nasal passages.


3. Get Enough Sleep

The habit of sleeping for a few hours can make you snore more. That’s why it is recommended to keep a good sleeping habit. This means that you sleep for at least 8 hours a night. You also make sure to sleep at the right time. Changes in sleeping pattern can contribute in snoring. Gradually, you will stop snoring if you practice the right pattern or habit of sleeping.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

It is also helpful to treat snore if you have enough water in your system. Water hydrates or re-hydrates you, which helps remove blockage in the nasal passages and any secretions in the nose become softer. This makes you and your partner sleep good.

In addition, do not drink any alcoholic beverage before heading to bed. Ingredients of alcohol are able to reduce the resting tone of your muscles in the throat, which apparently makes you snore. Instead, drink green tea or coffee if you want something stronger than water.

Clean or Change Pillows

5. Clean or Change Pillows

Nasal passages are also clogged with allergens and particles that are accumulated in the pillows. You need to regularly clean your pillows, wash the covers, or maybe the best time to replace with brand new ones.

6. Lose Pounds

Though even thin men and women snore, one factor that causes a person to snore is weight gain. You may have gained a few pounds and that’s when you start snoring. If this is the case, then you need to reduce your weight. Keeping your body in shape and at average weight is not just a way to avoid snoring, but also a healthy habit you need to maintain.

Snoring can be stopped when you do healthy lifestyle and change some of your habits. As discussed briefly on this page, you have to keep yourself hydrated and nasal passages open before you sleep.

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