How to Save Water and Money when Washing Clothes

Laundry is one household chore that is regularly done. Some wash clothes thrice or more in a week, while others just once, depending on the volume of clothes that needed cleaning. Whether you need to wash clothes once or more, saving money is the common factor here. Below is a list of tips on how you can save water and money eventually.

Choose an Advanced Washing Machine

Washing machine has a big contribution in saving money. This has to be efficient and technologically advanced. Some laundry machines need a lot of water and that’s exactly what you must not buy or use. So, don’t go for inefficient and cheap washing machine. If you need to shell out more dimes, then do it, because it’s going to be an investment in the long run. What you must get is a Star Energy washing machine.

Fully Load Up

When doing the laundry with a washing machine, it is important to run a full load of clothes. This means you fill in the machine with as many clothes as possible. It helps use the same amount of water and energy. The tendency of using fewer clothes in one loading is that you’d end up putting more water and running the machine for a few more times.

Set the Levels of the Washing Machine

Modern washing machines nowadays have pre-set water levels. This allows you to set the level into small, medium or large load. With this feature, there is an opportunity to use less water. For instance, you need to clean a handful of clothes for emergency reason. Instead of setting the level into medium or large, you can adjust it into the small level. Hence, you get to save energy.

Use Plastic Wash Basin to Rinse Clothes

From where I’ve come from, rinsing clothes in a plastic wash basin filled with water is more efficient. You use the same amount of water for every load of clothes. Although, you may need to add extra water if needed, because you cannot control the fall off of some water while rinsing your clothes. As much as possible, you only change the water in the basin three to four times.

Run the Washing Machine for a Few Minutes

The rule of thumb is to run your laundry machine for a maximum of ten minutes per load. This is another means to save energy bill. No matter how many clothes you put in the machine, ten minutes or less is a recommended time to run it.

Avoid Rinsing with the Machine

Unless you are in a hurry or have sensitive skin, the rinse function of the washing machine must be ignored. Most of the time, rinsing through the washing machine would require you a large amount of water. If you like to save some water, it’s better not to use this built-in feature of your laundry machine. Like suggested earlier, it’s much better to use a plastic wash basin instead.

Recycle the Rinsing Water for Other Uses

Let’s assume that you have already finished washing and rinsing your clothes. What you must do next is to NOT throw the water away. Save the used water for cleaning your car, flooring, or carpet. This is another way of how you can save water.

Remember these basic ways on how you are able to save water and energy everytime you wash clothes. If you are efficient in doing the laundry, there is a 20% to 30% chance of reducing your bill. Thus, it will be a great opportunity to save money, too.



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