How to Plant Azaleas

Azaleas are undoubtedly beautiful blossoms. They make anyone’s front yard look prettier and more colorful. Whether they are in pots or on the ground, these are flowers that should be displayed in full bloom. As you take care and enlarge their growth, the flowers can be arranged to make elegant bouquets and table displays. Now, here are things that you must remember when planting azaleas.

Step 1: Choose Hybrids of Azaleas

Hybrids of AzaleasImage Source:ukgardenphotos

Take note that there are thousands of kinds of azaleas available that you can select from. They vary in sizes, shapes, and colors. You may need to find out those different azaleas and see which ones are most beautiful for you. Flowers to plant in your garden, porch or backyard are up to you anyway. But this is a heads up of what you must do before you go to any garden shop and buy floral plants.

Step 2: Have All Tools Ready

Gather all necessary materials and tools to use for planting the flowers. If there are still some to buy, complete everything a few days before the schedule you set to plant. This does not only help avoid wasting time, but also lessen hassles and create a more productive day. All the basic supplies for gardening must be ready on hand before you start the process of planting azaleas.

Step 3: Find a Good Spot

It is best recommended to plant azaleas in an area where there is sun exposure. That means you must start planting outside and grow from there. Once you have big shrubs, you can extend some on the porch where you can hang them or place in pots on the deck.

Other than the sun, choose an area where there are also some shades. A good place is a near a tree to get a little shade and protection. You need to protect the flowers once they bloom. They easily fade and die upon exposure of the sun.

Most importantly, select a good soil that is suitable for this kind of flower. It must be well drained soil to assure azaleas grow healthily. The best time to plant them is actually during spring or late autumn.

Step 4: Prepare the Soil

You must check the soil if it is ready for planting. It needs to be acidic and you can figure that out by knowing the pH level. It is suggested to have pH level of 6 or below. In case the soil check results to alkaline, the best solution is to mix the soil with sulfuric acid. Soil must be dry as azaleas cannot tolerate wet ground.

Step 5: Place Azaleas in the Soil

Image Source:ukgarden

This is the exciting part as you can already start planting flowers. You need to plant all the same types of azaleas in one area and another for the other hybrid. You must align those with the same colors. It is better if you can make a pattern of how all the azaleas are planted. When all the flowers bloom, they’d surely make a beautiful and artistic presentation.

Step 6: Mulch the Planting Area

Remove any debris around the soil and mulch the entire area. This is expected as you place the flowers near a tree for shading. There will be barks, sawdust, wood chips, and dead leaves on the ground that you have to get rid of as soon as you see them. Even weeds from other plants must be wiped out of the place. This helps the soil to remain moist as well as the temperature to be at the normal level.

Step 7: Water

When everything is in place, do not forget to pour enough water on the azaleas and the entire area. This is pretty much needed to take care of plants. Also, remember to water your azaleas daily during full sunny days and once to three times a week during fall.

Step 8: Maintain the Azalaes

AzalaesImage Source:billmiky

After planting, your task is not yet done. You have to take good care of your azaleas for them to grow and flourish. Other than regularly watering them, keep in mind to fertilize and prune the plants as well. Use the right tool to cut flowers and get rid of weeds.




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