How to Make Recycled Bags – Old and Used Paper

Designer bags and leather bags are not new to people anymore. They can be really stylish that make you feel proud. Do you k now that you can actually make your own bags too? A do-it-yourself bag is something that makes you feel more proud and happier for yourself. You can go out and boast a new bag that’s exclusively made by you, alone! Wouldn’t that be much a better idea? Well, let me encourage you by using old or used paper such as newspapers and magazines. Any bag made of this recycled material is not only cheap but also eco-friendly and incredibly fashionable!

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You can see many paper bags on the market from the sidewalks of the streets to the stalls in the shopping malls. Instead of buying those and shell out a few dimes, just collect old editions of your magazines that are which you may about to throw. So before you even crumple and throw them in the trash bin, set them aside in the corner, presumably a drawer or cabinet. That way it would be easier for you to get them when you start making recycled bags made of paper.

Other than old paper such as magazines, newspapers and scraps, a few tools to create recycled bags are essential to keep in mind. These are a pair of scissors, a cutter, a ruler and a tape. You may even need to have a pencil so you can draw the measurement of how many inches (or centimeters) to cut or fold.

Small Plain Paper Bags

Let’s start with the easiest steps on how to make paper bags. A small, regular size of a paper bag will do. So, with your paper in hand, fold it in half crosswise. If you are going to use a magazine, tear the page first and choose an exciting, colorful page. Whichever kind of paper material, you fold the page in half crosswise. Afterwards, place tape on the open sides of the folded half and cut the tearing edge. Fold again but over the top then cut part of the paper out, and voila! You have a cute mini bag which you can use as a gift wrapper, envelope or anything suitable to it.

Large Simple Paper Bags

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If you need a much bigger recycled bag, do not worry. You simply do the same steps as briefly discussed previously and just use a much bigger size of paper. If you can’t find a big sized paper, you may double or triple the pages and simply tape them altogether so you can have a larger material to fold. Since you are making a bigger paper bag, it is for storing a much larger and probably heavier item. To assure the bag’s durability, after creating a bag, place a paper board (also used), or any same material but much thicker, on the inside base of the bag. That can support the heaviness of any item you put in there. There, you have another paper bag but a larger one.

Creative Paper Bags

Your creativity is definitely highlighted when you do something crafty such as recycling and making paper into bags. There are many options that you can do with this kind of do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Whichever the purpose of this, uniqueness is one secret that can make you love your artwork. So, here are more ideas of what you can do with paper bags that are recycled.

1. White Paper Bag Decorated with Cut-Outs and Ribbons

A yarn or two of ribbons or lace is not bad enough to use for a recycled bag. It is just a simple tool that can add beauty and accentuate the style of the paper bag you are going to make. In showcasing your creativity, use a plain white page of paper so it’s easier for you to get motivated to style all over it. For sure you do not just want to make a white paper bag without any designs on it at all. That would be so dull and you do not let that happen. Good thing magazines and newspapers have colorful objects that you can cut out, including Alphabets and other text characters which you can easily paste on the finished paper bag.

2. Floral or Abstract Design Paper Bag

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You cannot just limit as to how you would design a paper bag. Two of the common concepts of decorating are floral and abstract designs. Since paper is the material, it won’t be difficult to make floral paper bags or abstract designed paper bags. Just cut some pieces of paper to whichever style, shape or size you want and simply paste on the finished paper bag. Ensure that you also use a plain color of a paper bag so the design that you put onto it is the highlight of the entire package.

Regardless of how small or big the size of the paper bag is, there are many ways that you can think of how to turn it into a very pretty, stylish and unique bag. Whether you use it as a gift bag, a personal bag or a container, paper bag is definitely an item that does not cost you. It is fun and exciting to make crafty items from used materials but the outcome is always and absolutely unique. Now that you have an idea, start gathering all of the used or old paper materials you have and make your own creative paper bags!



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