How to Make Board Signs for Home Décor

Many DIY items are made from recycled or used materials that you can display as décors at home. Among those things are board signs that you can make out of reclaimed wood. All you need is a little creativity and patience to make a few that you can hang on your front porch, door, window panel, and anywhere. Let’s learn how to create board signs without having to buy materials in an expensive cost.

Step 1 – Collect Wood

The primary material needed for this little home decoration project is basically wood. Get as many wooden boards as you can. You can collect some from broken picket chairs, picnic table, dock or fence. I’m sure there are other places aside from your backyard where you can find boards.

Step 2 – Clean the Boards

Most boards you can find may be dusty and muddy. You can wash them with water and dry with clean cloth. If you only have to remove dust, it is safe to just wipe it out.

Step 3 – Use Other Tools

The project is to make signs using boards. That means you need a set of tools to begin working this task. You need cans of paint of any colors that you want, a paintbrush, a wood cutter, strong glue, printed letters, a pair of scissor, and a pencil.

Step 4 – Glue Wood Pieces

Depending on how many words to use and how long the phrase is, attach boards using stronghold glue. Make sure it is glue that join two pieces or more of wood. Start gluing them up to your desired length and width.

Step 5 – Paint the Boards

With your chosen color, each wood must be painted to look new and fresh. It is better to use light color, such as white, yellow and orange to make it look pleasant when hanged. If you use light colored paint, the signs to make should be in darker shades. If you prefer to have dark colored background, ensure to create fonts or letterings in light color.

Step 6 – Make Letter Cut Outs

For the letterings, just choose font style from your computer’s Microsoft Office Word and print the letters. Cut each letter and flip it backward as you trace the back through the lines of the printed letters on the board. This should make a visible line on the board. Otherwise, follow that trace by penciling it for more visibility. When you do this, each letter must have good spacing on the board between each other and from the edges of the board. Also, see to it that you have the correct spelling of the words you want to create.

Step 7 – Fill in the Letters

You can now use a different color of paint (or more) and paint the inside of each letter trace on the board. This is how you can show your creativity, too. You may make a bolder color of the edges of the letters, say the pencil trace, and brush the remaining part with another paint color. You can use the same colors for each letter or vary them to make a rainbow effect.

Step 8 – Add Elements

Aside from letters, you may like to put add-ons on the board sign. If it is a board sign for your daughter’s door, you can draw flowers and paint them with colorful palette. Gluing other things, such as ribbons, lace, and shells, is also a good idea.

Just be creative, let loose and have fun with this home décor project! Besides, it is not difficult to make as you can do it within an hour or so.



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