How to Make a Bouquet Gift

It is probably a Mother’s day, a surprise visit to your grandmother, or a back to school gift to your teacher. Whatever the situation is, a bouquet in a pot is a wonderful gift children or teens can give to women they know. Here are creative ways on how you can make a simple but beautiful flower arrangement as a gift.

Step 1 – Get Materials

Making a bouquet requires some supplies. The tools and materials needed are pot (terra cotta is recommended), a pair of scissors, spray paint, soil, ribbon or lace, and of course, flowers of any of your choice.

Step 2 – Paint the Pot

It is optional to paint the flower pot, but it helps show your creativity and make it look more beautiful. So, choose a paint color in a spray and apply on the outer and inner part of the pot. Make sure to wear a mask and a pair of gloves when painting so you won’t get stained or smell the fumes. Remember paint can be toxic!

Step 3 – Fill the Pot with Soil

After drying the newly painted pot for an hour, it is time to stuff it with soil. You do not want to give a bouquet of flowers to your mother, grandmother, aunt or teacher that they can only smell and display for one day. That means the flowers you give must still have root for long use.

Step 4 – Trim Leaves

Before you bury the roots of the flower, clean it up first. This means remove leaves near the petals to make it look neat. But do not cut all leaves, just the biggest ones and those near the flower. When you are done, put the flowers in the pot.

Step 5 – Water the Plant

Do not forget to put water right after you have planted the flowers in the pot. This is to keep the flowers fresh. So, when you hand it to the recipient, the bouquet still looks lovely.

Step 6 – Tie a Ribbon

The last thing you must do before you give the bouquet in a pot to someone is to decorate it. Simply tie a 12-inch (or more) thick ribbon around the upper part of the pot. You can also use a lace of the same size. Just ensure it is long enough for better outcome. If you want to glue a card in which the name of the recipient is printed on it, then you can do so.

These steps are very easy that any older children and teenagers can do without any help from their parents. But mothers and fathers should make sure their kids wear safety gears when painting the pot. That is probably the trickiest part of the entire steps as it involves safety.

Furthermore, the flowers to choose must be seasonal, which means it can bloom most of the time in a year. If you want to use two or more types of flowers, the colors must match or complement each other to have a beautiful effect upon display.



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